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5F23: The Joy Of Sect
SEASON NINE :: 10 Quotes
Homer: How much is this free resort weekend? 
Man: It's free! 
Homer: And when is this weekend? 
Man: It's this weekend 
Homer: Uh uh, and how much does it cost? 
Man: Um...its free 
Homer: I see and when is it? 
Man: Its....this weekend 
Homer: And how much are you charging for this weekend 
Bart: C'mon dad, the teams arriving 
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Homer: (singing) nananananananana fishing, nananananananana fishing, fishing, fishing 
Man: Hi, how are y... 
Homer: Fishing 
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Homer: Wait, I'm confused about the movie... so the cops knew internal affairs were setting them up? 
Man: What are you talking about theres nothing like that in there 
Homer: Well y'see when I get bored I make up my own movie. I have a very short attention span 
Lady: But our point is very simple, y'see when... 
Homer: Oh look! A bird! Hihihihihee 
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Man: (chanting) nananananananana leader nananananananana leader 
Everyone: nananananananana leader nananananananana leader, leader, leader 
Homer: BATMAN! I mean, LEADER! 
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Lisa: Dad, do you think you might have been brainwashed? 
Homer: I have not been brainwashed! Kill the girl... 
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Lenny: Ah, he's alright, but he's no bowl of Special K! 
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Barney (the dinosaur): (singing) We love him, he loves we, we're the leaders family 
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Homer: Ooh! A Lima Bean that looks just like the Leader! I'll put it with the others! 
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Cletus: Stranger! You're tresspassin' on my dirt farm! 
Man: Ah, do you happen to need a mesiah? 
Cletus: No, but I'll take them sacks of money from ya 
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Announcer: You are watching FOX! 
The Simpsons: We-Are-Watching-Fox! 
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