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5F18: Natural Born Kissers
SEASON NINE :: 8 Quotes
Abe: Now you've got her, Bart, jump Lisa's king 
Rod: I'm not Bart, I'm Rod Flanders 
Abe: There you go with that smart mouth. Lisa, run outside and cut me a switch 
Todd: Yes sir! 
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Homer: Look who's here! 
Marge: Oooh! Who's a good boy? 
Homer: He's the best boy! 
Marge: Oh yes he is, yes he is!........(dog exits) 
Homer: Hey Marge wasn't that great when the dog came in here 
Marge: Oh yeah he's really special! 
Homer: I love that dog 
Marge: I love him to...good night 
Homer: Good night 
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Bart: Whats with the love thang? 
Marge: Lets just say the country air did us good 
(an audience cheers and wolf whistles) 
Homer: Bart, I told you not to leave that TV on. 
(audience says 'wuh ooh!') 
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Carl: How d'you do m'am 
Lenny: Hope this evening finds you well... 
Marge: Oh knock it off you perverts 
kisser4.mp3    39kb 
Homer: Yeah, I thought Bart would be born a dimwit! hahaha 
Marge: hehe...mmyeah 
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Maude: Rod, you've got small girlish hands, reach in and fish it out! 
Marge: A hand!     Homer: eee! <whack> 
Rod: Ooow daddy something attacked me! 
kisser6.mp3    82kb 
Gil: They stole the balloon! I've been living in there! 
kisser7.mp3    25kb 
Mel: Dear lord look at that blimp! He's hanging from a balloon! 
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