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5F16: King Of The Hill
SEASON NINE :: 13 Quotes
(Fat Tony's gang shoot a jar of mustard on the Police table)
Wiggum: Hah! The joke's on you, we borrowed that jar from your table, so you just shot you're own mustard!
Legs: Ah nuts!
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Lovejoy: Nice to see you Homer!
Homer: Yeah outta my way whoever you are, you're blocking the food!
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Ralph: You're 'it!
Burns: We'll see about that, after him Smithers!
Ralph: Aaah! You're not it!
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Bart: Gentlemen, the game is capture the flag! Rod, ladies pick first!
Rod: Okay!
hill4.mp3    42kb
Milhouse: Oh! Oh! Oh! Bart! Bart! Bart! Over here! Over here!
Bart: Uuum..... I'll take... Nelson
Milhouse: Saving the best for last, huh Bart?
Bart: Yeah, that must be it.
hill5.mp3    88kb
Bart: Okay dad, they've got our flag guarded pretty good
Homer: I agree, lets surrender!
Bart: No, wait! I have a plan, but I'll need your underpants!
Homer: Hmm, alright, but don't lose them! They're my only pair!
hill6.mp3    77kb
Homer: Ahe Ahem!
Apu: Oh what will it be Mr. Simpson? You're usual bucket of ice cream, covered with minature pies?
hill7.mp3    40kb 
Homer: (Sees the sigh, GYM) Gyme, what's a Gyme? (enters) Oh! A Gyme!
hill8.mp3    62kb 
Marge: Homer, stop insulting us and eat your filth... food, i mean food!
hill9.mp3    28kb 
Brad: Yo! Yo! Rainier my man! How you doin? I thought you'll be here pumpin those guns!
Neil: We've come up with a killer promotion for Powersauce bars. Picture this... You...
Rainier: I love it!
hill10.mp3    71kb
Bart: Dad, wait! You're not risking your life just to impress me are you?
Homer: Well... yeah
Bart: Cool! Now get going, chop chop!
hill11.mp3    65kb 
Announcer: This Powersauce newsbreak is brought to you buy Powersauce: Get sauced with Powersauce!
hill12.mp3    53kb 
Brad: Wake up Homer, those Powersauce bars are just junk! They're made of Apple cores and Chinese newspapers!
Homer: Hey! Deng Xiaoping died!
hill13.mp3    59kb 

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