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5F14: The Trouble With Trillions
SEASON NINE :: 7 Quotes
Whole Town: (watching the ball drop) ...10, 9, 8...(it gets stuck) 8, 8, 8!
Homer: Oh will this horrible year never end!?
Wiggum: We've never lost a year before, and I'll be damned if we're gonna lose one on my shift (he shoots it, it falls)
Whole Town: 7654321!
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Kent Brockman: Sir why did you wait until the last minute to pay your taxes?
Otto: Taxes!? Isn't this the line for Metallica?
Kent Brockman: Sir uh...why did you wait until the last minute to pay your taxes?
Krusty: Because I'm an idiot! Happy!?
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Marge: I put the tax forms on the top of your 'to do' pile a month ago!
Homer: I have a 'to do' pile!?
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Moe: Hey Lenny, lets say you pull a thorn out of the Pope's butt and he grants you one wish. What'll it be?
Lenny: Uh....only one huh? Well, i've always wondered what it would feel like to wear something that's been ironed?
Carl: Oh that would be sweet!
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Guy: You won't be seing any prison movies where you're going! PRISON!
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FBI Agent: Mr. Simpson please cover your eyes while I say the secret access word........ Cheese!
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Mr Burns: See with your eyes, not with your hands!
Cuban President: Please! We are all amigos here!
Homer: Mr. Burns, I think we can trust the President of Cuba
Mr. Burns: (hands over the money)..... now give it back!
Cuban President: Give what back?
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