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5F13: This Little Wiggy
SEASON NINE :: 14 Quotes
Mrs Krabappel: Now who's calculator can tell me what seven times eight is? 
Milhouse: Oh oh oh, low battery! 
Mrs Krabappel: Whatever 
wiggy1.mp3    79kb 

Robot: Greetings, earth children
Lewis: Where are you from?
wiggy2.mp3    40kb 

Robot: Default setting... crush.. kill.. destroy
Skinner: (chokes) Children, help! He's killing me!
Class: Yaaaaaaay!
wiggy3.mp3    79kb
Homer: Yeah, good things don't end with -eum, they end with -mania, or -teria
wiggy4.mp3    40kb
Bart: Hey I'm gonna go toss the virtual salad
Lisa: I'm gonna read the giant book
Homer: I'm gonna try the sex education computers!
wiggy5.mp3    50kb
Ralph: I found a moon rock in my nose!
Bart: Housten, we have a booger
wiggy6.mp3    36kb
Ralph: Your hair is tall, and pretty!
Marge: Why thankyou Ralph, you're such a fine young gentleman
Ralph: Help! She's touching my special area!
wiggy7.mp3    71kb 

Bart: These syrup stains are the worst!
wiggy8.mp3    16kb 

Ralph: This is my swingset, this is my sand box! I'm not allowed to go in the deep end. Thats where I saw the leprechaun.
wiggy9.mp3    53kb 

Homer: (singing) Do the message! da da da da da da da da da...
Bart: So long! I'm gonna go sleep over at Ralphs
Marge: Oh, see I knew you'ld find something you liked about him
Bart: Oh, I found something alright!
Homer: da da da da da da da da da, da da da da da da da da da... after the beep!
wiggy10.mp3   121kb

TV Announcer: We now return to The Return of the Pink Panther Returns
wiggy11.mp3    23kb
Bart: Got any threes?
Ralph: Go fish!
Bart: See, heres the problem Ralph, you have several threes
Ralph: Go fish!
wiggy12.mp3    54kb
Mr. Burns: Smithers! There's a rocket in my pocket!
Smithers: You don't have to tell me sir!
wiggy13.mp3    30kb
Leprechaun: You've done grand laddy! Now you know what you have to do! Burn the house down! BURN 'EM ALL!
wiggy14.mp3    54kb

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