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5F12: Dumbbell Indemnity
SEASON NINE :: 9 Quotes
Moe: Hey hey, Sabu, I need another Magnum or your best Shampagne here huh. And bring us the finest food you've got stuffed with the second finest 
Sabu: Excellent sir. Lobster, stuffed with Tacos 
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Moe: Put something nice on the card like ah Renee my treasure 
Barney: Ahah! Ahahahahaha! 
Moe: Hey shut up or I'll wham a stool down your throat...ah nono I don't want that on the card. 
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Moe: Now the car is gonna have to represent you and this little toy man will represent the car....forget it. 
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Moe: Ah excuse me there officer, y'see my car there, with the rubber hippie daisy, space 7A? 
Wiggum: Ah yeah what about it? 
Moe: I was just thinking what a good parking job Idid with it. 
Wiggum: Yeah hey that is nice. Hey Lou, Lou check out that park job in 7A 
Lou: Wohoohoo....thats sweet 
dumbbell4.mp3    125kb 
Homer: Hee hee hee, I'm gonna be the best car theif ever...hey! (opens the door and sees Snake trying to steal the car).. oh no you don't! Hehehe, he thought he was gonna steal the....d'oh! 
dumbbell5.mp3    98kb 

Homer: (singing) Stealing, stealing, stealing a car for Moe, dadadada, dadadadada, insurance fraud today!
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Wiggum: Your fingerprints are just like snowflakes. They're both very pretty 
dumbbell7.mp3    29kb 

Moe: Hawaii here we come. Ananakooli, Makawani, Ana-ona, Nanawula Wa, Hawaii...ha 
Homer: Hawaii? What about Hawaii? Moe? Who's going to Hawaii? Am I going to Hawaii? 
Wiggum: Stop saying Hawaii in there.
dumbbell8.mp3    118kb 

Homer: Must kill Moe..... wheeeeee! Must kill Moe..... wheeee! 
dumbbell9.mp3    60kb 

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