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5F10: The Last Temptation Of Krust
SEASON NINE :: 9 Quotes
Shoe Salesman: D'ouh...would you mind placing them up kid I have a bad back 
Bart: Hey, if you didn't wanna tie shoes, you shouldn't have become a shoe salesman 
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Man: Excuse me sir, do you like to laugh? 
Dr. Hibbert: Well...only if something tickles me just right (laughs for about 10 seconds) 
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Comedian: I finally got around to reading the dictionary...turns out the Zebra did it (crowd laughs) 
Homer: I don't get it 
Lisa: Dad, the Zebra didn't do it, its just a word at the end of the dictionary 
Homer: I still don't get it. 
Lisa: It's just a joke 
Homer: Oooh! I get it! I get jokes.. ahahahahahahaha 
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Todd: Wow! A you think he's evil? 
Rod: He smells evil 
Todd: Should we tell daddy? 
Rod: No, lets poke him a little while longer 
Bart: Hey, get away from him you little freaks 
Todd/Rod: Eeeeeeeeeeeee! 
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Krusty: Ah! Ah! That burns! What the hell's on those things? 
Bart: Here quick, use my Krusty eye wash! 
Krusty: No! Not on your life! 
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Bart: Dad! 
Homer: Whoops, sorry son. I didn't know you, Jay Leno and a monkey were bathing a clown.
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Bart:  And then of course there's mom, who sounds something like this: "eat your vegetables", "take a sweater", "I don't think that's a good idea!", "hmmmm" 
Homer: Hahahaha, take that Marge 
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Krusty: Have you ever noticed how there are two phone books? A white one and a yellow one? What's the deal with that? 
Lisa: Ones residential the other is business 
Krusty: Well that.... makes sence.... what'll they think of next? Blue pages? 
Marge: They have those. They're Government listings 
Krusty: I see 
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Lenny: I brought a bag of money in case he wants us to burn it again. 
Homer: I hope he tells us to burn our pants. These are driving me nuts! 
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