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5F08: Bart Carny
SEASON NINE :: 7 Quotes
Bart: Allowance day! Ding ding ding ding ding! 
Marge: You don't deserve an allowance 
Lisa: Sure we do! ding ding ding ding Bart: ding ding ding ding 
Homer: Ice cream man! Ice cream man! 
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Bart: But I can't go out dressed like this, what if someone sees me! 
Marge: You're just going in the backyard, no one will see you! 
Bart: (opens door) 
Nelson: ha! 
Bart: (closes door)....(opens door) 
Nelson: har! 
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Lisa: The carnival! 
Bart: We need money fast! 
Marge: Well well well, looks like somebodys gonna have to do some yar... 
Homer: Its carnival time! Here's money kids, take what you need! 
Bart/Lisa: Allright free money! Homer/Bart/Lisa: ding ding ding.. 
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Wiggum: Ah let me put it this way..... I'm looking for my friend 'Bill'. Have you seen any... bills around here? 
Homer:'s Bart... 
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Marge: Ooh, what a nice surprise, this is so generous of you Couler 
Homer: Now who's the filthy sleaze bag huh Marge? 
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Homer: Carny's took over our house, you've gotta help us! 
Wiggum: Well well, look who's here, Mr. No-bribe! Sure, we'll help you, just sit down and wait for detective like I give a damn! 
Homer: Thankyou so much! 
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Bart: I say we set fire to the house, kill them that way 
Marge: We don't want to kill them, we just want our home back! 
Lisa: Well...if we did set fire to the house... 
Marge: No fires! 
Homer: I've got it! 
Marge: No fires! 
Homer: Oh... 
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