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5F06: Realty Bites
SEASON NINE :: 7 Quotes
Marge: So, you're married and you're looking for your first house, mr. and mrs......
Bart: Superman 
Lisa: Oh! Don't listen to my husband, he's just an idiot 
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Marge/Lisa/Bart: (singing) On the closing day, the esker agents pay, taxes, lins and interest too, thanks to Penny May!
Bart: Pay back your baaaaaaaank 
Homer:'re all nuts 
reality2.mp3    77kb 

Homer: Gee, that picture makes your butt look big 
Marge: I thought so too, but they said it sells 
Bart: Works for The Lumber King 
reality3.mp3    50kb 
Ned: aaaaaaaaah! Purple drapes, all my life I've wanted purple drapes! aaaaaaaaah!
reality4.mp3    45kb 
Homer: (sings) My name is Luca, I live on the second floor! Ahh! 
Snake: Give me my car, fatty! 
Homer: This is my car! And I'm not fat its glandular! 
reality5.mp3    78kb 

Chief Wiggum: Huh? What the...this is Wiggum reporting a three-eighteen, waking a police officer 
reality6.mp3    48kb 
Homer: Oh wow, lucky thing we landed on this bubble wrap 
Wiggum: Hey, quit hoggin'
reality7.mp3    49kb 

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