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5F05: Lisa The Skeptic
SEASON NINE :: 7 Quotes
Bart: Dad, why aren't you saying anything? Where's our motorboat? 
Homer: I didn't like it, the mast had termites 
Lisa: Why would our motorboat have a mast? 
Homer: Because...the thingy was.....shutup 
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Ralph: Prinskipple Skipple...ah Prindible Skimpster I found something....its a spearhead! 
Ms. Hoover: That's your trialblade Ralph, it fell off the handle. 
Ralph: And I found it! 
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Lenny: Just want a quick you a buck! 
Homer: A buck eh? That gives me an idea!....50 cents please. 
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Homer: (song) Here's the Angel, see the Angel, it's my Angel, no one elses, next to the rags. 
Lisa: Dad, it's not fair to claim this thing as an angel, there's no proof of that! 
Homer: No one's calling it an angel Lisa. If you look carefully you'll notice I never once used the word 'Angel' 
Lisa: What about that sign right there? 
Homer: Thats a typo 
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Rev. Lovejoy: Well, it appears science has faulted once again in the face of overwhelming religious evidence 
Lisa: Bu... 
Moe: Go home science girl! 
Lisa: I am home! 
Moe: Good, stay there 
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Homer: What the hell are we gonna do with 10 thousand angel ash trays!? 
Bart: I could take up smoking 
Homer: You damn well better.
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Ralph: I'm scared daddy, too scared to even wet my pants! 
Chief Wiggum: It's okay son, just relax and it'll come. 
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