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5F04: The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons
SEASON NINE :: 6 Quotes
Marge: Well! Look who's the ladies man! 
Apu: Come on I...(erupts into embarrassment laughter) 
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Homer: What's the big problem? 
Apu: Don't you see she is here to meet my wife................ the wife that I told her I had................aaah I do not have a wife! 
Homer: Then maybe you shouldn't have told her you did 
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Marge: Oh, Bart and Lisa, you remember your father, Apu, well this is your father Apu's mother. 
Bart & Lisa: .......Ooooh Hiiiiiiy 
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Moe: Nononono no pansies for me 
Lisa: Its the tradition in India 
Moe: Yeah alright it'll cover the gravy stains 
Bart: (kicks moe up the butt)...tradition 
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Bart: Wow! I wish I had an Elephant! 
Lisa: You did, his name was Stampy, you loved him 
Bart: Oh yeah 
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Lisa: Dad, those peanuts aren't for you, they're for the Elephant 
Homer: Screw him! Aah put me down...Ganesh commands you. 
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