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5F03: Bart Star
SEASON NINE :: 10 Quotes
Maude Flanders: Okay gentlemen I wan't you to raise your hand when you hear the tone..
Crazy Old Man: You can't tell me what to do!
:the tone gets louder and louder until a deafning screech is heard:
Abe: Nothing yet! 
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Lisa: Hey tubby! Want another Pop Tart tubby? 
Bart: I'm comfortable with who I am. 
Homer: You're a disgrace to this family! 
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Marge: Look, I want a cup 
Guy: Cup, could you spell that? 
Marge: Cee Yuu Pee i wanna Cee Yu...oh my god! 
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Bart: Okay Milhouse lets try out the new cup
Milhouse: <kicks>
Bart: Again!
Milhouse: <kicks>
Bart: (yawns)
Milhouse: <kicks> <kicks> <kicks>
Marge: Milhouse! Stop that!
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Homer: Flaaanders.......Flaaaaaanders 
Ned: What? 
Homer: Flaaanders 
Ned: WHAT! What is it!!! 
Homer: Games out there! Hahaha made you look! 
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Lisa: (falls down the stairs) aaaah 
Homer: You're not gonna make the team with that kinda attitude 
Lisa: I wont want to make the team! 
Homer: Then why are you running the obstical course? 
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Smithers: Well thats the end of the girls exercise... now lets bring on the men! 
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Sherri: You ruined our undefeated season, you ruined everything sister likes you! 
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Mr. Burns: Ahoy hoy! 
Homer: Mr. Burns, this is Homer J. Simpson, the father of the big quitter. Well I just wanted to tell you, I'm a big quitter too and I quit! <winks> 
Marge: Homer...Mr. Burns can't see you winking 
Homer: So.....whaaaaaa! 
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Homer: Hold on I'm working it out........okay, after you vibrate that way, two of you fall down, Nelson, you just spin around in a circle 
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