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5F01: The Cartridge Family
SEASON NINE :: 7 Quotes
Lisa: Dad, its 3am, can't you mutter in your room 
Homer: Marge kicked me out 
Lisa: Hmm...alright go ahead... 
Homer: Pushy kids think they can tell me what to do in my house, well I tell you parents these days they dunno how to... 
cart1.mp3    135kb 

Homer: C'mon c'mon open up (the doors open, homer rushes in and straight into the bathroom)...ah thats the stuff 
cart2.mp3    68kb 

Lisa: Can you help me get my ball down from the roof dad? 
Homer: Sure thing honey! (he shoots it with his gun, it falls down and deflates) you want me to get the cat down? 
Lisa: No thanks! 
cart3.mp3    80kb
Homer: See you in hell, dinner plate <bang> 
(camera shows the family at the table eating out of cups etc) 
Marge: Does anyone know where all my dinner plates went? 
Homer: probably left them at work 
cart4.mp3    106kb
Homer: Do you know how to cook dinner? 
Milhouse: DO I?! 
cart5.mp3    16kb
Lady: Lookin' for a good time, sailor 
Bart: I certainly am! 
Marge: No you're not! He's really not. 
cart6.mp3    45kb
Bart: Hey, is that a camera in the ceiling? 
Voice: No, go back to sleep 
cart7.mp3    28kb 

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