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4F23: The Principal And The Pauper
SEASON NINE :: 10 Quotes
Chalmers: The rod up that mans butt must have a rod up its butt! 
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Marge: Bart, why are you doing that? 
Bart: Our class is making refreshments for Skinners party, these are in honour of his Army days 
Marge: Well, that explains the flags, but what about the dog food 
Bart: My theory is...Skinner likes dog food 
Marge: Hmm lets bake him a cake! 
Homer: Ooh a fresh batch of America balls 
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Ralph: When I grow up, I want to be a Principal, or a Caterpillar. I love you Principal Skinner. 
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Bart: Hope you all brought forks and plates! 
Chief Wiggum: Mmm Hmm! 
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Skinner: My real name is Armin Tamzarian (Bart Laughs) 
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Lisa: I admit Sergeant Skinner seems okay, but Mr. Tamzarian pulled himself up from the streets and earned our respect and admiration 
Bart: He lied about his name! 
Lisa: His name doesn't matter, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet 
Bart: Not if you called him Stench Blossom 
Homer: Or Crap Weed 
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Bart: Hey America, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, America <fart> 
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The Real Skinner: Mrs. Krab-A-Pell, the pledge please 
Edna: You haven't dealt with women for a long time have you Sergeant? 
The Real Skinner: Are you asking me out? 
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Skinner (Tamzarian): Oh yes! Oh yes! Capitol City's nakedest ladies. They're not even wearing a smile. Not suggestively. Yes six, count em, six gorgeous ladies just dying for your leers and cat calls. Yowza yowza! 
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Homer: Okay, once more, where are we going? 
Edna: To Capitol City 
Homer: And why are you and the old lady in the car? 
Agnes: We're gonna talk Armin Tamzarian into coming back 
Homer: Well why is Marge here? 
Marge: I came up with the idea 
Homer: Then, why am I here? 
Marge: Because the streets of Capitol City are no place for three unescorted ladies 
Homer: Why are the kids here? 
Marge: Because we couldn't find Grandpa to sit for them 
Homer: Well why is Grandpa here? 
Abe: 'cos Jasper didn't wanna come by himself. 
(The camera then flicks to Jasper in the back of the car) 
principal10.mp3    177kb 

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