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4F22: The City Of New York Vs. Homer Simpson
SEASON NINE :: 6 Quotes
Moe: Everybody reach in and draw a pickled egg, whoever gets the black egg stays sober tonight. :Everyone reaches in and lets out a 'phew' when they realise they didn't get it..until:
Homer: You got the black one 
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Homer/Lenny/Carl: neilalilalialalila macarena heeeey macarena!
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Homer: Goodnight Barney, don't forget to bring back my car back tomorrow ...just slide it under the door 
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Homer: (yawns) Marge....I can't feel my legs! I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS!!! 
Marge: Homer! Homer those legs belong to the man behind you. 
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Homer: Whaddya have to was that awful taste outta my mouth? 
Guy: Mountain Dew or Crab Juice? 
Homer: Blugh oh geez!... I'll take the crab juice 
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Lisa: Look at all those beautiful shoes! I know they're made from animals, but wow! 
Marge: Hmmm, if only I didn't already have a pair of shoes 
Bart: Speaking of shoes, I don't care about shoes, I'll meet you ladies back here in half an hour 
york6.mp3    87kb

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