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3G04: Simpson Tide
SEASON NINE :: 9 Quotes
Homer: We live in a highly technological age where fighting a war is as simple as turning off a light *clap clap* *clap clap* 
Marge: We don't have a clapper! 
Homer: *clap clap* Sorry can't hear you Marge, I'm clapping! *clap clap* *clap clap* *clap clap* *clap clap* (homer chucks the lamp out the window)...nightie night! 
tide1.mp3    134kb 

Homer: No way man! My hair is who I am! (it gets cut off).... Ow I'm a freak! 
tide2.mp3    55kb 

Bart: Hey if you want cool, check this out! (sings) Everybody if you can do the Bartman, shake your body turn it out if you can can. Do the Bartman yeah! 
Ralph: That is so 1991 
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Guy: Can I help you? 
Bart: I'd like to get my ears pierced! 
Guy: Better make it quick, kiddo, in five minutes this place is becoming a Starbucks. 
tide4.mp3    54kb 
Marge: What on earth posessed you to getting an ear ring?
Bart: Milhouse has one!
Marge: If Milhouse jumped off a cliff!
Bart: Milhouse jumped off a cliff! I'm there
tide5.mp3    51kb 

Ralph: My neck hurts and my ear hurts. I have two owies 
tide6.mp3    36kb 
Homer: Well I guess that's everyone. Except ear ring boy! 
Bart: Come on, dad didn't you do anything wild when you were a kid? 
Homer: Well, when I was 10 I got my ears pierced. But this is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! 
tide7.mp3    76kb 

Abe: My Homer is not a communist. He may be a Liar, a Pig, an idiot, a Communist, but he is NOT a porn star! 
tide8.mp3    70kb 

Homer: Please remain calm and think of your loved ones! 
Moe: Oh Mr. Snuggles I wove you sow! Whaddare you lookin' at! 
tide9.mp3    71kb 

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