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3F21: Homerpalooza
SEASON SEVEN :: 16 Quotes
Marge: [reads the letter about the school bus not being operational]
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Homer: So... how bout those rainbow suspenders, huh?
Bart: Dad!
Homer: Pretty cool way to keep your pants up eh?
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Homer: I see these kids now with 'Jive' printed on their shirts, pff. Now I can teach you how to say 'Jive'.
Lisa: Dad, please just drive the car, dad.
Homer: I'm watchin' the road, sweetie. You Jiiiiive turkey. See, you've got to sass it. Quit Jiiiiiiivin' me turkey. You've got to sass it! A turkey is a bad person.
palooza3.mp3    146kb
Announcer: KFSL Fossil 103. Classic hits from Abba to Zepplin. [music starts playing]
Nelson: Bleh... tell him!
Milhouse: Uuuh, Mr. Simpson, sir. Can you please change the radio station!
palooza4.mp3    126kb
Homer: Now when I listen to a really good song, I start nodding my head, like I'm saying 'yeeess' to every beat. Yes Yes Yes, this rocks. And then sometimes I switch it up like. No, No, No! Don't stop-a-rockin'!
palooza5.mp3    99kb
Bart: Dad, no one cares about any of your stupid dinosaur bands. You have the worst, lamest taste in music ever.
Homer: I'm just trying to party with you guys!
Bart: Homer, first of all, it's par-tay, and second, we wouldn't par-tay with you if you were the last dad on earth!
palooza6.mp3    117kb
Homer: (singing) You make me feel like dancin'
Barney: I wanna dance the night away.
Abe: What the hell are you two doing?
Barney: It's called rockin' out!
Homer: You wouldn't understand dad, you're not "with it".
Abe: I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was, now what I'm with isn't it. And whats "it" seems weird and scary to me.
palooza7.mp3    130kb 
Milhouse: Hey wait! I'm okay today. My mom brought me deodorant.
palooza8.mp3    37kb 
Cypress Hill: Before we start, we have a lost child here. If she's not claimed within the next hour, she will become the property of Blockbuster Entertainment. [They start singing]
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Lisa: It may be bleek, but this music is really getting to the crowd.
Bart: Ah, making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish into a barrel.
[Snippit of Smashing Pumpkins - Zero]
Homer: Oh, It makes no sense. I havent changed since high school and suddenly I'm uncool.
palooza10.mp3    116kb 
Guy: Aw man, there goes Peter Framptons big finale. He's gonna be pissed off.
Peter: You're damn right I'm gonna be pissed off, I bought that pig at Pink Floyds yard sale.
palooza11.mp3    108kb 
Homer: [nervously] Hi everybody....... is everybody.... good?
palooza12.mp3    61kb
Freak Show Manager: Gee I don't like the sound of that.
Homer: No biggy, I'm cool.
Freak Show Manager: Homer, nothings more important to me than the health and well-being of my freaks... I'm sending you to a vet.
palooza13.mp3    66kb 
Marge: This is so exciting. Last time I got to go backstage was when Bart ripped his pants at the Christmas play.
Bart: Mom!
Guy: Haw Haw!
palooza14.mp3    47kb 
Cypress Hill: Hey man, did we order a.. an orchestra? [whispers pass around] Uh, oh yeah yeah, we think we did.. uh, do you know 'Insane In The Brain'?
Orchestra Guy: Uhh... we mostly know classical. But we could give it a shot.
[the orchestra play over the top of Insane In The Brain]
Marge: This I like.
palooza15.mp3    199kb 
Peter Frampton: Do you feel......... like we do.
Jimbo: Man, that guys guitar is talking.
Otto: Hey, my shoes are talking too.
Otto's Shoes: Don't worry, we wont hurt you, we only want to have some fun.
palooza16.mp3    162kb 

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