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3F16: The Day Violence Died
SEASON SEVEN :: 14 Quotes
Kent Brockman: Hello everybody, I'm here live on Main Street where dedicated fans are already sticking out the best seats for the big anniversary parade.
Bart/Lisa: (gasp) Bye mom, bye dad.
Homer: Bye kids, on your way back pick up a six pack of beer.
violence1.mp3    80kb 

Lisa: Hey the Comic Book Store's still open.
Bart: Save our seats.
Homer: Will do!
Stranger: Hello.
violence2.mp3    47kb

Bart: How come I've never seen that Itchy & Scratchy before?
Comic Book Guy: Perhaps because you're a pre-puberescent ignoramus. This is a bootleg copy of Itchy & Scratchy meets Fritz The Cat. Because of it's frank depiction of sex and narcotic consumption, it is not for infantile interlects such as yours, now toodle-ooh.
violence3.mp3    98kb
Comic Book Guy: [does the Hi and Lois speech]
violence4.mp3    136kb
Homer: Which one's Itchy, the car?
Bart: The mouse.
Homer: Oh, I guess thats not him then.
violence5.mp3    26kb
Bart: Well I'm not calling you a liar, but.......... but I can't think of a way to finish that sentence.
violence6.mp3    40kb
Bart: There's a box you can sleep in. Just move that cot out of the way.
Chester: Okay.
Bart: Do you know what Raydon is?
Chester: No.
Bart: Goodnight.
violence7.mp3    50kb 
Lisa: Mom, there's a weird smell and a lot of cursing coming from the basement and dad's upstairs.
violence8.mp3    34kb 
Bart: A thousand dollars, but your ad says "No money down".
Lionel: Oh, they got this all screwed up.
Bart: So you don't work on a contengency basis?
Lionel: No, money down! Oops, shouldnt have this bar association logo her either.
violence9.mp3    138kb 
Abe: [recognizes Chester, and gets in a fight with him]
violence10.mp3    134kb 
Lionel: Your honour, I'd like to call all my suprise witnesses again.
violence11.mp3    24kb 
Roger Meyers: Where are they gonna come from? Her?
Marge: Uh.. hmm... how about "Ghost Mutt"?
violence12.mp3    56kb
Bart: We killed Itchy & Scratchy?
Chester: Good riddance. Wanna go celebrate? I feel like Liver and Onions.
violence13.mp3    42kb 
Chester: And here's a couple of bucks for your trouble.
Homer: Woohoo! Look Marge, a couple of bucks!
violence14.mp3    31kb 

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