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3F15: A Fish Called Selma
SEASON SEVEN :: 9 Quotes
Lisa: Dad what's a muppet?
Homer: Well... it's not quite a mop... it's not quite a puppet. But ma-hahahahahaha-n. So to answer your question I don't know.
fish1.mp3    69kb 

Abe: Hello Marge.... Hello Marge
Patty: Meeeh. How come no Chippendale Dancers ever come in to renew their lisences.
Selma: They carpool. That's the problem.
fish2.mp3    94kb

Selma: Well.. eh, I think I'm getting repetitive stress disorder from scratching my butt all day.
fish3.mp3    32kb
Troy: Hello Selma Bouvier. You might remember me from such dates as last nights dinner.
fish4.mp3    41kb
Selma: Remember when we were kids, we used to dream about ideal husbands. Who knew their dream would come true, for one of us....... Oh come on, guess which one.
Homer: I know, I know... it's Selma, right?
fish5.mp3    100kb
Reverend Lovejoy: If anyone here knows why this couple should not be wed in holy matromony. Let him speak now, or forever hold his peace.
Homer: Da-da-da-da-da- HEY - Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-HEY
fish6.mp3    129kb
Homer: Guess what I snagged Marge, the candy bride and groome from the wedding cake... <swallows, almost chokes> mmm... pointy.
fish7.mp3    91kb 
Selma: Are you gay?
Troy: Gay? I WISH!
fish8.mp3    24kb 
News Report: [the news report that was shown over the end credits about Troy turning down the role in McBain 4.]
fish9.mp3    147kb 

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