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3F09: Two Bad Neighbors
SEASON SEVEN :: 26 Quotes
Announcer: This year everyone's a buzz about one thing... the absence of Mark Rodkin... oh wait, there he is.
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Homer: Marge, I'm bored
Marge: Why don't you read something?
Homer: Because I'm trying to reduce my boredom
Marge: Well you could hand out these flyers for the neighborhood rummage sale?...... You get some fresh air and exercise!
Homer: Eeeeh, I'll do it anyway.
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Homer: Good old Evergreen Terrace... the swankiest street in the classiest part of pressboard estates.
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Apu [singing]: The dream police they live inside of my bed. The dream police they come to me in my head. The dream police they've come to direct me now.. oh noooooooo!
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Apu: Oh! Howdy neighbor! May I spray you with the hose in a playful fashion?
Homer: Eh... spray the boy
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Bart: That fancy house will never sell. Nobody who could afford it would wanna live in this neighborhood.
Homer: Heeey. Whats wrong with this neighborhood? Big shots! Too good to buy a house here snobby!
Bart: Who are you talking to, Homer?
Homer: The guy who doesn't live there
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Marge: Well you don't need this!
Homer: Marge, thats the rhinestone nights fashion gun! I need it to rhinestone up my old clothing!
Marge: Who's Disco Stu?
Homer: Oh, I wanted to write Disco Stud but I ran out of space
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Ned: Well sir, looks like we've got us some nice items at table Glick! Like this.... what the heck-a-roonie is this, Mrs. Glick?
Mrs. Glick: It's a Candy Dish, Ned, ninety dollars!
Ned: Uh-huh... well I uh.. I guess you could put a lot of nice things in there!
Mrs Glick: No! Just candy, Ned. Ninety dollars!
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Marge: Are you interested in that motorized tie rack Principal Skinner?
Skinner: Hmm.. it's awfully loud.
Marge: Well... you could always take the motor out, and use it as an ordinary tie rack!
Skinner: Hm, but now the ties are motionless. And those at the back are virtually inaccessable. Well... it's a new point that I only have one tie to begin with. I believe I'll pass........................................... Have you sold that tie rack yet?
Marge: No
Skinner: I'll take it.
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Guy: Stu! You should buy that!
Disco Stu: Hey, Disco Stu doesn't advertise!
bush10.mp3    38kb 
Homer: Hey everybody! Who thinks Flanders should shut up!
Crowd: Yeeeeeeeaaaaah!
bush11.mp3    38kb 
Homer: Hey... that Ayatola thinks he's better than America... is he right!?
Crowd: Booooo; Nooooo.
Guy: Yes!
bush12.mp3    53kb
Homer: And for the man who has everything... a tie rack motor!
Skinner: I'll take that!
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Homer: Sings "Hey Big Spender"
bush14.mp3    164kb 
Homer: Sings "Table 5" (to the tune of Stayin' Alive)
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Disco Stu: Ahe-hem. Disco Stu likes... disco music!
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Homer: I guess you might say he's barking up the wrong bush. Hehehe.
Homers Brain: There it is, Homer, the cleverest thing you'll ever say and nobody heard it.
Homer: D'oh!
bush17.mp3    111kb 
George Bush: Y'know, in my day... little boys didn't call their elders by their first names.
Bart: Yeah, well... welcome to the 20th Century, George.
bush18.mp3    56kb 
George Bush: Well lets see now. What do you folks have here, huh? Hmmm.. a "Krusty Burger"... that doesn't sound to appetizing, what kinda stew do you have today?
Pimple Kid: Uuuh... we don't have stew.
(Homer honks his horn continuously)
Ray: Sir why don't you just have the Cheeseburger?
George Bush: That's really more of a weekend thing, Ray.
Homer: (still honking) Hey, jerk, move your fany!
George Bush: That guy's louder than World War 2, Ray go and see what the rhubarb is will ya?
Ray: Sir could you pop your hood?
(loosens some wires making his horn stop working)
bush19.mp3    192kb 
Mrs. Bush: You know, it's time for him to get up and work on his memoirs. Why don't you go wake him?
(Bart goes upstairs and blows a giant horn)
George Bush: Great Scott don't touch that, that's the alpine horn helmet Cole gave me!
bush20.mp3    94kb 
Bart: Woah man!
George Bush: Woah, nothing. I'm gonna do something your daddy should have done a long time ago. (spanks him). Now go home and think about what you've done young man.
bush21.mp3    85kb 
Homer: He spanked you! You! Bart Simpson!?
Bart: I begged him to stop but he said it was for the good of the nation!
bush22.mp3    52kb 
Abe: Big deal! When I was a pup we got spanked by Presidents 'til the cows came home. Grover Cleveland spanked me on two non - consecutive occasions.
Marge: Grampa, I know in your day spanking was common, but Homer and I just don't believe in that kind of punishment!
Abe: And that's why your no-good kids are running wild! (points at Lisa, sitting, reading a book).
bush23.mp3    124kb 
Homer: Hey! Bush! Get down here!
Guard: 'Scuse me sir, where you goin?
Homer: I'm going to punch George Bush in the face.
Guard: Okay is he expecting you?
bush24.mp3    77kb 
George Bush: Alright mister... you want trouble you're going to get trouble.
Homer: Oh I want trouble alright!
George Bush: Then you're going to get trouble!
Homer: No you're gonna get trouble!
George Bush: Well that's good, because I want trouble!
Homer: Then we're agreed there'll be trouble!
George Bush: Oh yeah lots of trouble!
Homer: Trouble it is.
George Bush: For you!
Homer: For m.... D'oh!
bush25.mp3    128kb 
Homer: It's time to hit him where he lives!
Bart: His house?
Homer: Bingo!
bush26.mp3    24kb

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