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3F01: Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily
SEASON SEVEN :: 15 Quotes
Bart: G'morning
Marge: Bart, it's class photo day, no Dracula fangs!
Bart: Vut zey told uz to wear em!
Marge: No they didn't..... huh!? *reads sign 'i'm a stupid baby' on Lisa* And don't put signs on your sister.
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Lisa: Mom, you fuss over us way to much!
Marge: Enjoy it now, because when you're a grown up you'll have to take care of yourself!
Homer: *scared* Maarge. There's a spider near my car keys.
Marge: You did the right thing by telling me. Shoo! Get out of here.
Homer: Ah, that's better!
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Homer: What advantages does this motor car have over say.. a train. Which I could also afford.
Rich Guy: Well, you'll notice how the heated gas pedal warms your feet, and the... *homer drives off.... comes back* massages your buttocks. Well homer, shall we discuss the..
Homer: No we shant.... yoink!
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Homer: I got my dad to look after her!
Marge: Nyeeh! DON'T DO THAT!
Abe: I..ja..pff. Don't do that!
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Edna: Nelson, you look adorable.
Nelson: I feel like punching myself!
Edna: Bart, stop scratching, you're messing up your hair!.... AAH! Lice! How on earth does a boy get headlice in this day and age?
Milhouse: We bought a wicker basket from Peer One and he was passed out inside.
*End flashback*
Bart: Hey, how come I get lice and nothing happens to Milhouse?
Milhouse: So cold... so very, very cold!
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Lisa: Printhipal Thkinner, I need thome thoes!
Skinner: Sweet Georgia Brown! Something is rotten at the Simpson house!
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Welfare Lady: Sink full of dirty dishes. Trash not taken out. Living room a mess, stacks of old newspapers... *gasp!* from 20 years ago!
Welfare Man: A desheveled and malnourished man found sleeping in his own filth, seems confused and dehydrated.
Welfare Lady: Where's the baby!?
Abe: That's her aint it? *points to Maggie drinking from dog dish*. Kids love that water!
Welfare Lady: *spots the "I'm a stupid baby" sign on Maggie from earlier in the episode* Oh my lord!
Welfare Man: Stupid babies need the most attention!
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Lisa: You don't understand, mom and dad take good care of us *tooth falls out*. That was a baby tooth!...... It was loose!
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Abe: Oh bitch, bitch, bitch!
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Ned: Hey kids! Nachos, Flanders style! That's cucumber's with cottage cheese!
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Homer: I've gotta call them! *Dials*
Recorded Message: The number you have dialed can no longer be reached from this phone... you.. neglegent... monster.
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Marge/Homer: *Doorbell Rings* THAT'S BART'S RING! *they run downstairs, and pick up a newspaper*
Homer: *reading* Todd Smells... oh, I already knew that!
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Welfare Guy: And you've all passed the drug test. Except for Marge. Marge, you tested positive for crack and PCP.
Marge: Oh my!
*time passes*
Welfare Guy: Okay, the retest says you're clean. Sorry about the mistake.
Marge: The only thing I'm high on is love. Love for my son and daughters. Yes, a little LSD is all I need.
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Bart: Haha! You're gonna be Lisa Flanders!
Lisa: You're gonna be Bart Flanders.
Bart: AAAAH!
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Bart: Wow, dad. You took a baptisimal for me. How do you feel?
Homer: Oh, Bartholomew. I feel like St. Augustine of Hippo after his conversion by Ambrose of Milan.
Flanders: Wait, Homer. What did you just say?
Homer: I said shut your ugly face, Flanders!
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