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2F17: Radioactive Man
SEASON SEVEN :: 11 Quotes
[Homer flips through all the channels, leaving audio sounding like this]
radioactiveman1.mp3    49kb 

Barney: Wow, you mean you were one of the original Little Rascalls?
Moe: Yeah.
Homer: Which one were you? The ugly one?...... Were you the ugly one?
radioactiveman2.mp3    61kb

[Clip from The Little Rascals with Moe, where he kills the original Alfalfa]
radioactiveman3.mp3    112kb
Milhouse: Mom, don't make me do this! I don't want to be an actor!
Luanne: Nonsense, you're going to be great. Now take off those glasses so they can see your beautiful eyes!
radioactiveman4.mp3    78kb
Lunchlady Doris: At last the world is safe, eh Fallout Boy?
Ralph: What's for lunch tomorrow?
Casting Director: Next!
Ralph: Chicken Necks?
radioactiveman5.mp3    51kb
Casting Director: One more time!
Bart: Watch out, Radioactive Man!
Casting Director: Congratulations Bart Simpson, you're our new Fallout Boy! That's what I'd be saying to you if you weren't an inch too short, next!
radioactiveman6.mp3    70kb
Luanne: I'm sorry, I can't hear you son. I'm wearing a jacuzzi suit!
radioactiveman7.mp3    27kb 
Milhouse: Hey wait! I'm okay today. My mom brought me deodorant.
radioactiveman8.mp3    72kb 
Director: Up and atom!
McBain: Up and at them.
Director: Up and ATOM!
McBain: Up and atdem!
Director: UP AND ATOM!
Director: .. Better
radioactiveman9.mp3    97kb 
McBain: My eyes! The goggles do nothing!
radioactiveman10.mp3    23kb 
Kirk: But, will they just find Milhouse, or will they find him and kill him?
Chief Wiggum: Well they'll, when they find him they'll um.. they um hem um..
Kirk: Um, excuse me you didn't answer me, you just trailed off.
radioactiveman11.mp3    107kb 

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