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9F22: Cape Feare
SEASON FIVE :: 9 Quotes
Milhouse: I checked around.. the girls are calling you Fatty Fat Fat Fat, and Nelson's planning to pull down your pants. Buuut.. nobody's trying to kill ya.
Bart: Aaah... that's good.
Nelson: *pulls down pants*
Group Of Girls: "Fatty fat fat fat, fatty fatty fat fat!"
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Marge: Bart... I'm going to get you..... some ice cream at the store since I'm saving so much money on Diet Cola!
Ned: Say your prayers, Simpson....!!!! Because the schools can't force you like they should!!!... Maude, these new finger razors make hedge trimming as much fun as sitting through church!
Edna: You're going to be my murder victim... BART! In our school production of Lizzy Borden, starring Martin Prince as Lizzy!
Martin: Forty whacks with a wet noodle, Bart!
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Wiggum: It's also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling! *see's workmates with squirrels down pants* Hey guys, knock it off!
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Wiggum: Sideshow Bob has no decency... he called me... Chief Piggum! (everybody laughs) Oh ah, now I get it! Haha, that's good!
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Selma: Sideshow Bob tried to kill me on our Honeymoon!
Lawyer: How many people in this court are thinking of killing her right now! Be honest.... *Patty's hand goes up*
Patty: Aaah, she's always leaving the toilet seat up.
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Homer: If you don't mind we're trying to watch the mov...
Guy on Movie: Hey Merv, help me get my head outta this toilet!
Homer: (erruption of laughter)
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Homer: Oh Flanders, wont you join me in my kitchen!? Hehehehehehehe!
Wiggum: Aaah, it doesn't work if you invite em.
Ned: Hidely-hey!
Homer: Go home!
Ned: Doodily-doo!
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[ the guys try to tell Homer what his new identity will be, but he just doesn't get it ]
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Bart: Aaaaaah!
Homer: Come on! Let me fix you a brownie while they're still hot!
Bart: Dad, I'm kinda edgy right now! I'd appreciate you not coming in my room screaming and clenching the Butcher knife!
Homer: Why!? Oh... right... the Sideshow Bob thing! I'm sorry, boy! *exit's room*
*barges in*
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