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1F11: Bart Gets Famous
SEASON FIVE :: 10 Quotes
Bart: I know! I'll just do like Lisa and escape into fantasy.
-Bart's mind-
Skinner: Class instead of going to the Box Factory today we'll be going to the.... Box Factory!
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Bart: Have any of the workers had their hands cut off by the machinery?
Factory Worker: No.
Bart: And then the hand started crawling around and tried to strangle everybody?
Factory Worker: No that has never happened.
Bart: Any popped eyeballs?
Factory Worker: I'm not sure what kind of factory you're thinking of.
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Factory Worker: Oh and here's my office. If you will direct your eyes to the floor, you'll see a yellow line. Follow it! It will lead you around my desk, and back out the door.
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Homer: You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towell!
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Kent Brockman: Yeah I know I'm on... but I don't care! I don't read the news until I get my danish. Go ahead, try to find a replacement.
Bumblebee Guy: A powerful tidal wave in Kuala Lumpur has killed 120 people. Aye Chihuahua!
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Homer: Yes son, you can have an electric guitar just like your old man!
Bart: Dad, I'm asking if I can get a job.
Homer: Gig, son. When you're a musician, a job is called a gig.
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Sideshow Mel: Bleh! There's cheese in this sandwich! Surely you know I'm lactose intollerant!
Bart: Sorry.
Sideshow Mel: Sorry? Do you know how sick this is going to make me? Come stand next to the bathroom door, I want to yell at you some more.
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Fireman: This is the third time this building has burned down because someone has been smoking in bed.
Patty/Selma: I didn't do it!
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Conan O'Brien: Sit perfectly still! Only I may dance.
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Bart: It's my job to be repetitive. My job. My job. Repetitiveness is my job! I am going to go out there tonight and give the best performance of my life.
Marge: The best performance of your life?
Bart: The best performance of my life.
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