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1F09: Homer The Vigilante
SEASON FIVE :: 9 Quotes
Bart: The burglar even took my stamp collection!
Lisa: You! Had a stamp collection (everybody laughs), *phone rings*
Nelson: Stamp collection! Haha!
burglar1.mp3    87kb 

Professor Frink: [demonstrates his security system]
burglar2.mp3    110kb 

Ned: I think it's time we start our own Neighborhood Watch!..a-roonie!
Crowd: Yaaaaaaaay!
Ned: Now, who should lead the group?
Guy: You!
Crowd: Yeeeeeaaah!!! Flanders! Flanders! Flanders!
Ned: Well, I don't have really much experience but I'll be..
Moe: Someone else!
Crowd: Yaaaay! Someone else, someone else, someone else!
burglar3.mp3    125kb
Marge: I don't think the guns are a good idea!
Homer: Marge! We're responsible adults a...
*gun shot*
Moe: Whoops!
Homer: And if a group of responsible adults can't handle firearms in a responsible way...
*gun shot*
Capt'n McAllister: Sorry!
*gun shot*
Seymour: Uh oh!
*gun shot*
Moe: Me again...
burglar4.mp3    97kb
Homer: Now we need code names. I'll be cue ball, Skinner can be eight ball, Barney will be twelve ball, and Moe, you can be cue ball!
Moe: You're an idiot.
burglar5.mp3    51kb
Homer: We'll be right back!
Kent: I get to say that!
burglar6.mp3    16kb
Lisa: Dad, maybe this will cheer you up. (plays song by blowing an empty bottle)
Homer: Oh! It doesn't work anymore.... I didn't say stop!
burglar7.mp3    58kb 
Homer: No....kidding!
Wiggum: Big T, huh?
Homer: Well... I guess I'll be going to my home now and... sleep.
Wiggum: Yeah... me too.... I will also go home.... for sleep.
burglar8.mp3    112kb 
Mayor Quimby: Mmm, I guess we're not gonna find anything.
Otto: Well how we gonna get outta here?
Homer: We'll dig our way out!
Wiggum: No, no, dig up, stupid!
burglar9.mp3    82kb 

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