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1F04: Treehouse Of Horror IV
SEASON FIVE :: 17 Quotes
Homer: "Dear Homer, I. O. U. one emergency donut. Signed, Homer." Bastard! He's always one step ahead.
Homer: Mmm... forbidden donut

Hutz: Mr. Simpson, don't you worry. I watched Matlock in a bar last night. The sound wasn't on, but I think I got the gist of it.
Devil Flanders: I hold here a contract between myself and one Homer Simpson pledging me his soul for a donut -- which I delivered! And it was scrum-diddley-umptious!
Marge: Homer, stop picking at it!
Homer: Oh, but I'm so sweet and tasty.
Milhouse: Krusty trading cards. The long-awaited "Eight Series".
Bart: [reading the cards] "Krusty visits relatives in Annapolis, Maryland. Krusty poses for trading card photo."
Milhouse: Hmm...he seems to be running a little low on ideas.

Bart: Milhouse...Milhouse, wake up, quick! Look out the window.
Milhouse: No way, Bart. If I lean over, I leave myself open to wedgies,
wet willies, or even the dreaded rear-admiral!
Flanders: Oh dear lord! It's some sort of hideous monster. Oh isn't that cute he's trying to claw my eyes out.
Homer: Aah! They're dogs...and they're playing poker!
Homer: Heh, heh. Lisa, vampires are make-believe, just like elves,
gremlins, and eskimos.
Burns: [over the intercom] Welcome, come in. Ah, fresh victims for my ever-growing army of the undead --
Smithers: Sir, you have to let go of that button.
Burns: Well, son of a bitch --
Lisa: Dad, do you notice anything strange?
Homer: Yeah, his hairdo looks so queer --
Burns: I heard that!
Homer: It was the boy!
Homer: Oh, Lisa, you and your stories. "Bart is a vampire." "Beer kills brain cells." Now let's go back to that...building...thingy, where our beds and
Abe: Quick! We have to kill the boy!
Marge: How do you know he's a vampire?
Abe: He's a vampire? Aah!
Homer: Super Fun Happy Slide!
Lisa: No dad!
Homer: Oh I guess killing will be fun enough.
Lisa: You must drive this stake right through his heart.
Homer: Take that vile fiend!
Lisa: Uh, dad, that's his crotch.
Everyone: Happy Halloween Everybody! :they all hum Christmas tune Hark The Herald Angels Sing:

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