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1F03: Marge On The Lam
SEASON FIVE :: 13 Quotes
Guy: Well sir it's been an uneventfull week in Badger falls. Where the men are robust, the women are pink cheeked, and the children are pink cheeked and robust.
*everybody laughs*
Homer: What the hell's so funny?
lam1.mp3    117kb
Guy: At the Apple Biscuit Cafe, where the smiles are free, don't cha know... Speninquest studied the menu, and finally ordered the same thing he has every day.
Bart: Maybe it's the TV
Homer: Stupid TV, Be more funny!
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Troy McClure: What the hell!? Oh, we got a call!
Homer: Hehe! Some idiot actually called in!
Troy McClure: Hello, what's your name?
Marge: Marge Simpson
Homer: AAH!
Marge: I'd like to pledge thirty dollars. Oh, thankyou.
lam3.mp3    85kb
Homer: [daydreams about what he thinks ballet is (bear in cart at circus) and sings the circus tune... the daydream ends but he's still singing]
lam4.mp3    120kb
Homer: Where are you going?
Marge: I don't know.
Homer: When will you be home?
Marge: I'm not sure.
Homer: Where are you going?
Marge: You already asked me that!
Homer: Will you bring me back something?
lam5.mp3    65kb
Bart: Don't worry, you'll feel better once we put your hair up in curlers and give you a makeover, Homina.
Homer: Ooh that would be delightfu.... Quiet boy!
lam6.mp3    55kb
Homer: We pay 8 dollars for the night and you can take 2 popsicles outta the freezer.
Lionel Hutz: Three..
Homer: Two..
Lionel Hutz: Okay, two and I get to keep this old birdcage!
Homer: Done!
lam7.mp3    46kb 
Marge: Homer, stop that, it's just a weather station!
Homer: Come on Marge, it's fun to smash things!
lam8.mp3    65kb 
Wiggum: [sings sunshine and lollipops]
lam9.mp3    127kb 
Wiggum: Oh my god, it just disappeared! <gasp> It's a GHOST CAR! <slams on brakes> There are ghost cars all over these highways you know!
Homer: Hold me!
Wiggum: Only if you hold me!
lam10.mp3    116kb 
Lady: I hate it when the waffles stick together.
Guy: Stick together is what good waffles do!
lam11.mp3    29kb 
Wiggum: Oh, I'm uh.. on a road, uh.. looks to be asphelt. Um, ah geez, trees, shrubs um.... I'm directly under the earths sun... nnnow!
lam12.mp3    74kb 
Crime Report: [The crime report at the end of the episode]
lam13.mp3    319kb 

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