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1F02: Homer Goes To College
SEASON FIVE :: 12 Quotes
Mr Burns: What, how dare you disturb me during nap time!
Lady: We're from the Nuclear Regulatory Commision. This is a suprise test of worker conpitence!
Mr Burns: There must be some mistake. Weee... make cookies here. Mr Burns old fashion good time, extra chewy..
Guy: Get the axe!
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Homer: D'oh! The bee bit my bottom! Now my bottom's big!
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Smithers: For the love of god sir, there are two seats!
Mr. Burns: I like to put my feet up.
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Guy: Homer, sign this application, and you're a shoe-in.
Homer: Hahaha, haha, that dog has somebody's ham. Now this I gotta see!
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Homer: I am so smart, I am so smart, I am so smart, I am so smart, S-M-R-T... I mean S-M-A-R-T.
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Homer: My first day of College.. I wish my father was alive to see this!
Abe: Hey!
Homer: How long have you been back there?
Abe: Three days...
college6.mp3    48kb
Dean: Hello..
Homer: Hello, Dean! You're a stupid head!
Dean: Homer is that you?
college7.mp3    38kb 
Bart: Gentlemen.. I propose we kidnap Sir-Oinks-A-Lot..
Homer: And then we roll him up in a carpet and throw him off a bridge!
college8.mp3    73kb 
Doug: Mrs. Simpson, we all have nose bleeds...
college9.mp3    29kb 
Bart/Lisa: Aaaaaaaaaaah!
Gary: We need the outlet for our rock tumbler..
Bart/Lisa: Plug it in! Plug it in!
Gary: What, the rock tumbler or the TV...
Krusty: Wow! They'll never let us show that again! Not in a million years!
college10.mp3    138kb 
Benjamin: Okay guys, we push him out of the way in exactly three seconds...
Doug: Should we correct for wind resistance..
Benjamin: Possibly...
college11.mp3    85kb 
Marge: An A+, how did you do it?
Homer: Oh lets just say I had help from a little magic box!
Marge: You changed your grade with a computer?
Homer: D'oh!
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