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1F01: Rosebud
SEASON FIVE :: 20 Quotes
Guards: [do a 'Wizard Of Oz' style march in front of Mr. Burns' Manor]
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Burns' Father: Oh well... at least we still have his little brother George.
George Burns: Buh buh buh buh oh the sun shines so bright on my old kentucky home buh buh buh bum... trust me it'll be funny when I'm an old man.
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Smithers: Who's... Bobo, sir?
Mr Burns: Bobo? Duh.. uh, I meant Lobo... Sherrif Lobo, they should have never cancelled that show.
-scene cut by me-
Homer: Lobo.. Lobo... bring back sherriff Lobo... Lobo! AAAAH!
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Homer: I'm writing a delicious send up of Mr. Burns for his birthday. Is poo poo one word or two?
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Homer: Hey Flanders! You smell like manure!
Ned Flanders: Uh oh... better cancel that dinner party tonight! Thanks for the nose news neighbour.
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The Ramones: I'd just like to say this gig sucks. Hey up yours Springfield. One two three four.....
"Happy Birthday to YOU. Happy Birthday to YOU. Happy Birthday Burnsey, Happy Birthday, TO YOU!"
Go to hell you old bastard.
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Smithers: Sir, I've arranged for the people of Australia to join hands tonight and spell out your name with candles. There's a satellite hookup on that monitor if you turn your head slightly.
Burns: Bah, no time.
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Homer: Are you ready to laugh? I SAID. Are you ready to laugh!?
Lady: Quiet you awful man.
Homer: You know, Mr. Burns is so cheap.
Burns: Whaaat?
Homer: I mean... Mr. Burns is so old....
Burns: How dare you!
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Smithers: You want your bear Bobo, don't you.
Burns: Liar! I'll give you the thrashing of a lifetime... nggg... nyeeh. Resistance is futile!
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Bart: Hey Apu this bag has a head in it!
Apu: Oooh, A head bag. Those are chock full of.... headed goodness.
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Smithers: Here's something that should cheer you up, sir. It's me sir, Bobo, hug me, squeeze me, tug at my fur!
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Homer: Mouldy.... Old...? I'm gonna get something to eat!
bobo12.mp3    163kb 
Homer: Huuuuh! How long have we had these fish. Wait...the bear. Burns' bear!
bobo13.mp3    65kb 
Homer: Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed buuuuuunnn.
Guy: Homer, you're drooling on the mike again.
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Marge: I'm sure he'll offer a fair reward..... and then we'll make him double it! Well why can't I be greedy once in a while?
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Homer: Uh, big deal, who needs his money? We're getting by okay.
Abe: Son! You've gotta help me! I hit three people on the way over here and I don't have any insurance.
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Homer: Mmmm... 64 slices of american cheese.....
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Barney The Dinosaur: Two plus two is four... two plus two is four... two plus two is four.
Homer: Hehehe. I can see why this is so popular.
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Burns: Smithers I'm home... (laughs)
Smithers: What already? (laughs)
Burns: Yes. (louder laughs)
Lisa: Is it my imagination or is TV getting worse?
Homer: Eh, it's about the same... uh oh, look out Smithers (crash).
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Burns: Bobo, I know I say this every century, but I'll never leave you behind again.
Smithers: Wait for me sir!
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