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9F20: Marge In Chains
SEASON FOUR :: 13 Quotes
McClure: Are you sure it's on!? I can't hear a thing!
Dr. Nick: It's whisper quiet!
Burns: Who the devil are you?
Homer's Brain: Don't panic. Just come up with a good story.
Homer: My name is Mr. Burns!
Homer's Brain: D'oh!

Ned: Watch Fox and be damned for all eternity.
Lisa: Mom I need more OJ
Bart: Flintstones chewable morphine!
Homer: I'll miss Sherriff Lobo!
Wiggum: All right, come out with your hands up, two cups of coffee, an auto freshener that says `Capricorn', and something with coconut on it!
Hutz: He's had it in for me ever since I kinda ran over his dog.
Marge: You did?
Hutz: Well, replace the word kinda with the word repeatedly and the word dog with son.

Apu: We're putting that bitch on ice!
Ned: Now Marge don't you worry, we've all had our brushes with the law.
Cop: Are you Ed Flanders?
Ned: No, Ned Flanders.
Cop: My mistake.
Lawyer: Ladies and gentlemen of the dury. Who do you find more attractive? Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson?
Judge: What is the point of all this?
Lawyer: I feel so confident of Marge Simpson's guilt that I can waste the court's time by rating the superhunks.
Hutz: Now Apu, Mrs. Simpsons claims she forgot she was carrying that bottle of... delicious bourbon. Brownest of the brown liquors. What's that? You want me to drink you? I'm in the middle of a trial.
Phillips: I'm Phillips. They call me that because I killed my husband with a phillips-head screwdriver.
Milhouse: All right, balogna and cheese. What have you got Bart?
Bart: Pack of sugar and peanut butter smeared on a playing card.
Wiggum: Release the dogs.
Lou: Gee they look pretty mad.
Wiggum: Yeah I've been staving them, teasing them, singing off key. Me may mah mo, me mo ma me.

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