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9F18: Whacking Day
SEASON FOUR :: 10 Quotes
Nelson: I want you to keep filling your shirt with crud until I get back.
Milhouse: Yes sir!
Skinner: Fools. :laughs evily: Oops.. still on.
Bart: What do you think he meant by that fools remark?
Nelson: Who cares, time to get me a mountain bike.

Skinner: What do you think of the banners?
Chalmers: Nothing but transparent toadying
Skinner: They were the children's idea. I tried to stop them.
Ralph: What's a battle?
Skinner: Hahahaha, lets go.
Chalmers: Did that boy say what's a battle?
Skinner: No he said What's that rattle, it's about the heating duct.
Chalmers: Hmm, it sounded like battle.
Skinner: I've had a cold, so--
Chalmers: Oh so you hear r's as b's?
Bart: Beans beans the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot.
Homer: I am evil Homer, I am evil Homer, I am evil Homer, I am evil Homer.

Marge: It's about a boy who goes to war. His hand is deformed in an accident.
Bart: Deformed? Why didn't you say so! They should call this book ``Johnny Deformed''?
Homer: Just squeeze your rage into a bitter little ball and release it at an approprate time. Like that day I hit the referee with a whiskey bottle. Remember that, when daddy hit the referee?
Choir: Oh Whacking Day!
Oh Whacking Day!
Our hallowed snake skull-cracking day!
Boy: We’ll break their backs
Gouge out their eyes
Their evil hearts we’ll pulverize!
Choir: Oh Whacking Day!
Oh Whacking Day!
May God bestow His grace on thee.
Quimby: Larry White!
Barry: Barry White.
Quimby: No, It says here Larry White.
Barry: I know my own name.

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