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9F13: I Love Lisa
SEASON FOUR :: 14 Quotes
Abe: Bah. This is just another Hallmark holiday cooked up to sell cards.
Jasper: Aww... a Valentine from my daughter!
Abe: Can I have the envelope?
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Moe: To Moe... from your secret admirer.
Barney: Yoo Hooooo!
Moe: Oh god no!
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Homer: Nobody makes a big deal about Valentines Day.
Flanders: (singing) If you think I'm cuddly, and you want my company, come on baby let me know... uh-uh-owwwww.
Bart: Hey dad, why don't you give mom her present.
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Ralph: My parents wont let me use scissors.
Miss Hoover: The children have a right to laugh at you, Ralph. These things couldn't cut butter. Now.. take out your Red Crayons.
Ralph: Miss Hoover. I don't have a red crayon.
Miss Hoover: Why not?
Ralph: I ate it.
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Miss Hoover: You may now exchange Valentines...
Ralph: Miss Hoover, I glued my head to my shoulder.
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Guy: Where do you want these Beef Hearts?
Lunchlady Doris: On the floor.
Guy: It doesnt look very clean.
Lunchlady Doris: Just do your job, Heart boy.
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Ralph: Uh.... so.... do you like....... stuff?
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Ralph: The doctor said I wouldnt have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger outta there.
Lisa: uheheh... well, here's my house...
love8.mp3    65kb 
Sideshow Mel: Everyone's always kissing your ass. Well I'm not afraid to tell you, you're a ****.
love9.mp3    53kb 
Krusty: Now why do they call this a 'urine monkey'... I... oooh, just found out.
love10.mp3    49kb 
Bart: Oh it isn't fair. I'm ten times the Krusty fan you are. I even have the Krusty home pregnancy test!
love11.mp3    43kb 
Guy: Eh well that's seen me stoppin here... to watch his woods fill up with snow.
Krusty: Hey, frosty. You want some snow, man?
Guy: We discussed this and I said no!
love12.mp3    101kb 
Krusty: Now here's a clip from 1973...
-= Clip =-
Krusty: (singing) Try to run, try to hide, break on through to the other side. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
-= End of Clip =-
Krusty: What was I on?
love13.mp3    97kb 
Homer: You know, one day honset citizens are going to stand up to you crooked cops.
Wiggum: They are!? Oh no! Ha-have they set a date?
love14.mp3    97kb 

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