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9F07: Mr. Plow
SEASON FOUR :: 12 Quotes
Homer's Brain: Don't tell him you were at a bar! Gasp! But what else is open at night?
Homer: It's a pornography store. I was buying pornography.
Homer: Do you come with the car?
Model: Oh you :giggles:
Man: Do you come with the car?
Model: Oh you :giggles:

Homer: Well, I really should discuss this with my wife.
Salesman: Your wife? [cracks an imaginary whip]
Homer: What, you think I'm going to buy a $20,000 truck just because you
make that noise?
Salesman: [does it again] [and again] [and again]
Homer: I'll take it!
Homer: :singing: Call Mr. Plow. That's my name, that name again is Mr. Plow!
Homer: Now we play the waiting game........................... ah waiting game sucks lets play Hungry Hungry Hippo's
Ronstadt: When the snow starts a-fallin', There's a man you should be callin', That's KL5-4796, Let it ring! Mr. Plow is a loser, And I think he is a boozer. Barney: So you better make that call to the Plow King!

Homer: Flanders I thought I was your plow man.
Ned: Uh Homer, why don't you plow it again.
Homer: Forget it, pal. I don't need your phoney baloney job. I'll take your money. But I'm not gonna plow your driveway.
Man: Hello, I'm calling from delinquent accounts at Kumatsu Motors.
Homer: Oh you want the Mr. Plow who plows driveways. This is Tony Plow, you know, from Leave It To Beaver. Yeah they were gay.
Homer: :rapping: I'm Mr. Plow and I'm here to say, I'm the plowingest guy in the USA. I got a big plow and I move a lot of things, just like your cow if you have one!
Quimby: These look like teeth marks.
Homer: I thought there was chocolate inside.... Well why was it wrapped in foil?
Quimby: It was never wrapped in foil!
Woman: Could you make sure not to scrape my asphalt?
Homer: Kiss my asphalt... :later: So I says kiss my asphalt. Hmm?
Guy: Hello this is the Repo Depot, I'm just calling to distract you while we reposess your plow.
Homer: Oh yeah, how dumb do you think I.. oh.

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