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8F24: Kamp Krusty
SEASON FOUR :: 12 Quotes
Bart: If I don't get a 'C' average my dad won't let me go to Kamp Krusty!
Edna: Well, it isn't fair to the other children, but alright
Bart: Much obliged, doll!
Edna: Oh Bart Simpson, I'm gonna miss you...
Skinner: Attention everyone, this is Principal Skinner. I trust you all remembered to bring in your implements of destruction?
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Bart: I dreamt it was the last day of school!
Homer: Well it is!
Bart: Oh how do I know this isn't some beautiful dream too?
-Homer punches Bart so he knows for sure-
Ow! You know, a pinch is more traditional!
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Lisa: I feel so dirty! The dirt's not coming off! Okay... calm down... this must just be a little typo. Miss Hoover? There appears to be a mistake on my report card! You gave me a B+ in conduct!?
Miss Hoover: Now Lisa, everybody need's a blotch on their permanent record.
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Bart: Mrs. Krabapple. If I don't get at least a 'C' average I can't go to Kamp Krusty!
Edna: Have a 'D'-lightful Summer.
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Otto: All right! Three whole months of spaghetti-o's and daytime TV!
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Bart: Oh dad! You're the best father a boy could ever have.
Homer: Thanks son. Now you've got little hands.. could you reach under the mower and pull out that skate?
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Homer: Marge, am I crazy or is my back getting hairier?
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Bart: Hey... hands off my pickle!
Homer: I don't see your name on it, boy!
Bart: No, but -licks it-
Homer: Oh yeah? -dunks in his drink- Check mate!
Bart: Always thinking two moves ahead.
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Scene: The kids are about to go to Kamp Krusty, everybody says goodbye. The bus drives into the distance and all the parents celebrate.
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Mr. Black: I'll take any questions you might have... you? And then uum.... one more.
Milhouse: Can we call you Uncle Blackie?
Mr. Black: No.. last question...
Bart: When do we get to see Krusty?
Mr. Black: Uuh, he will be along eventually, in the meantime our counsellers Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney will be happy to handle any problems you might have.
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Bart: Don't we get to roast marshmallows?
Dolph: Shut up and eat your pinecone!
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Song: :Hail To Thee Kamp Krusty:
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