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8F18: A Streetcar Named Marge
SEASON FOUR :: 9 Quotes
Marge: I wont be home tonight so I'm leaving you some lo-cal microwavable tv-dinners.
Lisa/Bart: Uuhokay.
streetcar1.mp3    38kb 

Lisa: Hey look, it's last years winner Deborah Joe Smallwood.
Deborah: Tonight my reign as Miss American Girl comes to an end. And I'd like to apologize one last time for my unfortunate remarks at the united nations.
[maggie starts playing dance of the sugar plum faries]
Homer: Maggie! Cut that racket!
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Homer: And where exactly are you going?
Marge: I'm auditioning for a play.
Homer: Well this is the first I've heard about it.
Marge: I told you several times, it's a musical version of A Streetcar Named...
Homer: Excuse me Marge, I think that If you told me, I would remember, I mean, I'm not an idiot!
streetcar3.mp3    108kb
Lou Ellen: Hello! I am Lou Ellen St Claire. I've directed three plays in my career, and I've had three heart attacks. That's how much I care, I'm planning for a fourth.
streetcar4.mp3    90kb
Lady: Hey, look me over..
Lou: Next!
Lady 2: Wont you come home Bil...
Lou: Next!
Lady 3: There's got to be a...
Lou: Next!
Marge: La..
Lou: Thankyou for nothing!
streetcar5.mp3    68kb
Bart: Are there any Jive-Talking Robots in this play?
Marge: Um, I don't think so.
Homer: Bart, don't ask stupid questions... Is there any frontal nudity?
Marge: No, Homer!
streetcar6.mp3    58kb
Daycare Lady: Mrs Simpson, do you know what a baby is saying when she reaches for her bottle?
Marge: ....Baba?
Daycare Lady: She's saying "I am a leech".
streetcar7.mp3    55kb 
Ned: You're a dame and I'm a fella
Marge: Stanley stop or I'll tell Stella!
Lou: Marge, Marge, I'm asking for wild heart rage, and you're giving me a hissy fit.
Homer: Marge, can I get some change for the candy machine?
Lou: Oh, HERE! (throws coins everywhere)
streetcar8.mp3    126kb 
Marge: The play's tomorrow night. I've got to stay in charactah.
Lisa: Hey mom, would it help if I talked lack this tew?
Marge: It maght.
Bart: En I'll talk like 'is. Bob's ya uncle mate.
Marge: That really doesn't help, Baaht.
Bart: Can I slog off school tomorra. Gotta pain in me gulliva!
Homer: I'm livin in a coo-coo clock!
streetcar9.mp3    124kb

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