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8F23: Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?
SEASON THREE :: 18 Quotes
Guy: This can't be right, this man has 104% body fat! Hey, no eating in the tank! 
Homer: Go to hell! 
brother1.mp3   43kb 

Livingroom Olympics: Bart plays pole vault in the living room and breaks the couch. 
brother2.mp3    158kb 

Announcer: Except for huge gaps in the western states, Hands Across America was a complete sucess 
Simpsons/Flanders: Haaaands across Americaaaaaa
brother3.mp3    76kb
Homer: You're going back where you came from...the curb in front of Flanders house
brother4.mp3    29kb
Herb: Lady, you just gave me the idea of a do I thank you? 
Lady: Please don't hurt me! 
brother5.mp3    40kb
Mr. Burns: Explains the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence
brother6.mp3    117kb
Lisa: This award is the biggest crock I ever saw
Bart: What about the emmies?
Lisa: I stand corrected
brother7.mp3    34kb 
Homer: I miss my couch
Wrestler: I know how you feel, you lost the couch, I lost the heavyweight championships
Homer: Pfft. Heavyweight Championship, there's like, three of those!
brother8.mp3    65kb 
Herb: *Rings the Flanders doorbell*
Flanders: Yeees?
Herb: Oh, I'm sorry, I must have the wrong house
Flanders: That's where you're wrong, friend!
brother9.mp3    68kb 
Homer: Gives Herb Powell the grand tour of the house, and discovers a light switch that activates Xmas lights from 1984
brother10.mp3    116kb 
Herb: Aw, that's all I got!
Homer: Broke again eh Herb? Just like in real life. I guess you're just not much of a businessman
Herb: *punches him in the head*
brother11.mp3    72kb 
Herbs Invention: Herb shows the family a bird drinking water before he unveals his project, which Homer thinks is the best invention in the world
brother12.mp3    140kb
Maggie: Blablubla!
Herb: Okay, what could you be trying to say? There's nothing downstairs, she just took a nap..... 'I wanna suck your nose?!'
brother13.mp3    80kb 
Herb: Tries to figure out what Maggie is thinking, but then Maggie throws up in his face
brother14.mp3    57kb 

Maggie: Blablueeeh (I have soiled myself... how embarrassing)
brother15.mp3    39kb 

Frink: This radio controlled plane gives your baby the chance to fly, just like my son here, he can execute the barrel roll, loopy loop, and bring it in for the perfect landing *smash*. Oh dear... my wife is going to kill me
brother16.mp3    118kb 

Baby: -- I only want to eat candy
Lady: Then that's all you'll get
Baby 2: -- This leash demeans us both
brother17.mp3    61kb 

Herb: Maggie...who brought me my fortune. I'll give you anything you want in the world
Maggie: -- I want what the dog's eating
Herb: I'll get you something nice
brother18.mp3    77kb 

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