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8F22: Bart's Friend Falls In Love
SEASON THREE :: 12 Quotes
Bart: Will I pass my English test?.... Outlook not so good. Wow, it does work
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Milhouse: Let me try! Will I get beat up today?... All signs point to yes
Nelson: That ball knows everything *punch*
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Skinner: Now It's never easy to come to a new school so lets make her feel right at home. Please say a big Elementary school hello to Samantha Stinky!
Samantha: Stanky
Skinner: Oh, embarassing for you
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Samantha: All my friends are back in Phoenix and this town has a weird smell that you're all probably used to...but I'm not
Edna: It'll take you about six weeks dear
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Troy McClure: That night came the Honeymoon....
Kids: Eeeeeew!
Edna: She's faking it!
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Bart: How would I go about creating a half man half monkey type creature?
Teacher: I'm sorry that would be playing god
Bart: God Schmod, I want my monkeyman!
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Milhouse: Uuh, thats a nice dress
Samantha: My dad makes me wear it, I hate it!
Milhouse: Well I hate it too!
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Homer: This sucks, wheres that channel changer? Rrrr, Grrr, Chhh... Ohh... Aah, I'll give it a chance
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Lady: We start with pure milk chocolate
Homer: Chocolate...
Lady: Add a layer of farm fresh honey
Homer: Mmm...sweeet!
Lady: Then we sprinkle on four kinds of sugar
Homer: *froths at mouth*
Lady: And dip it in rich creamy butter
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Martin: *Martin plays and sings a song on his lute, while Bart runs away from him*
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Milhouse: How could this happen? We started out like Romeo and Juliet but it ended up in tragedy!
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Lisa: Hey Bart, according to this magazine, in another million years, man will have an extra finger!
Bart: Five fingers...ooh, freak show!
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