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8F21: The Otto Show
SEASON THREE :: 20 Quotes
Homer: Wow, my concert going jacket still fits! And this is where I used to hide my beer. (gasp) Billy beer!
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Marge: I hope the Spinal Taps don't play too loud.
Homer: Oh Marge, I went to plenty of heavy metal concerts and it never hurt me!
<marge is talking, but all homer can hear is a loud bing>
I hear you, c'mon boy lets go.
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Bart: Hey Milhouse, nice jacket
Milhouse: It cost me 50 thousand Bazooka Joe comics.
otto3.mp3    63kb
Bart: Gee, I'm sorry, man.
Man: Wah?
Bart: About the frisbee...
Man: Frisbee?
otto4.mp3    72kb
Spinal Tap: I just walked out there and there's puddles of water all over the freakin stage.
Guy: Huh, I dont wanna lie to you boys. Six days a week this place is a hockey rink.
Spinal Tap: Yeah well this is a rock concert not the bleedin... splish splash show.
otto5.mp3    106kb
Homer: [sits in his car, humming to a song on the radio]
otto6.mp3    43kb
Spinal Tap: Well, it seems some silly twit did not get a big enough oxygen tank, but that's supposed to be a devil. / Filled up with air it's very evil and impressive. / We salute you, our half inflated Dark Lord!
otto7.mp3    97kb 
Spinal Tap: You know people think there are only five members of Spinal Tap. But... they're wrong. (cough, cough) / Could we turn up the house lights please? That was the queue to turn up the house lights so we could tell the audience they're the sixth member of the freakin' group.
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Homer: [sings the Spanish Flea song]
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Bart: Mom, I wanna be a rockstar.
Marge: Hmmmmm we'll discuss it later. Is Milhouse okay?
Homer: Uh, I'll be right back....
Milhouse: Heeeelp.
otto10.mp3    97kb 
Marge: Homer, I've been thinking about what Bart said. If he's really interested in becoming a musician I think we should buy him a guitar.
Homer: Well that's a waste of money we already have a guitar. [plays a toy guitar]
Marge: I meant a real guitar.
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Bart: I'd like to play me latest chart-topper. It's called: "Me Fans Are Stupid Pigs"
Manager: Bart you've got to go on!
Bart: Slag off!
Milhouse: You've changed man, It used to be about the music.
Bart: I said slag off!
otto12.mp3    134kb
Nelson: Hey Simpson, what are you trying to play?
Bart: Polly-Wally-Doodle
Nelson: Oh yeah, well it sounds Polly-Wally-Crappy.
otto13.mp3    84kb 
Martin: Although I'm sure I will receive a severe wedgie from my busmates, I must remind you we should have been at school ten minutes ago.
Otto: Uh-oh... better fasten your seatbelts little dudes.
Lisa: We don't have seatbelts.
otto14.mp3    102kb 

Lou: Lets see your liscence, pal!
Otto: No can-do, never got one. But if you need proof of my identity I wrote my name on my underwear. Oh wait, these aren't mine!
otto15.mp3    68kb 

Patty: Hahaha
Selma: What's so funny?
Patty: I was just thinking about the time Homer got his nose caught in the toaster.
Selma: We'll watch the tape tonight.
otto16.mp3    63kb 

Otto: All right, yeah, so how did I do?
Patty: Well you failed every segment, and misspelled bus on your application.
otto17.mp3    59kb 

Otto: Can I at least get my stuff?
Landlord: All I found in there was a jar of mustard and a couple of old Psycho magazines.
Otto: Wow! I have mustard?
otto18.mp3    67kb 

Bart: Rough day, Apu. Help me a squishee and don't spare the syrrup.
Apu: Oh, perhaps you would like to try an experimental flavour of my own concuction. A delicious Chutney Squishee..
Bart: Oh... okay <slurp>
Apu: You can really taste the chutney!
otto19.mp3    109kb 
Marge:Bart, what's going on?
Bart: Mom, I thought you might forget our little conversation this afternoon, so I took the precaution of recording it.
Marge: What conversation [pushes play]
Bart: Mom, can Otto live in our garage for as long as he wants?
Bart As Marge: He sure can!
Homer: Marge, what were you thinking?
Marge: That's not my voice!
Homer: Oh Marge, everybody says that when they hear themselves on tape.
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