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8F19: Colonel Homer
SEASON THREE :: 11 Quotes
Homer: Ooh, there's a good one! 
Marge: That spot says compact only! 
Homer: Marge, that's just the suggestion car size...easy...easy... how am I doing on the right? 
Lisa: Um, we're getting a lot of sparks over here, dad! 
Homer: Uh huh, easy...easy...mmm perfect, alright everybody out the window! 
colonel1.mp3    170kb 

Marge: Well, what are we going to see?
Bart: Ernest Cuts The Cheese!
Lisa: Honey I Hit A School Bus!
Homer: Look Who's Oinking, Look Who's Oinking!
Marge: Since we'll never agree, why don't you kids pick a movie, your dad and I will pick a movie, then we'll all meet in the lobby later?
Bart/Lisa: Thanks mom!
Homer: Two tickets for...
Guy: Lemme guess... Look Who's Oinking?
Homer: That's right!
Guy: Sold out!
colonel2.mp3    119kb 

Lisa: Just tell me when the scary part is over!
Bart: It's over....
Lisa: Aaaaaaaah!
colonel3.mp3    46kb
Homer: I've heard how this ends, it turns out the secret code was the same nursery rhyme he told his daughter!
Audience: Oooh!
Homer: Hey, it's pretty obvious if you think about it!
Marge: Oh shut up Homer, no one wants to hear what you think!
Audience: Yeah! *applause*
colonel4.mp3    107kb
Homer: I'm going now, and I don't know when you'll see me again
(he drives off, then comes back to drop Maggie off)
Lisa: I guess that executive stress ball we got him for Christmas isn't working...
colonel5.mp3    93kb
Guy: Lets give a big country welcome to Yodeling Zeek!
Audience: *applause*
Zeek: Yodel-e-hee, yodel-e-i-hee, odel-e-hee...
colonel6.mp3    73kb
Lurleen's Song: That's why you flipped your pickup truck, right off the interstate!
Homer: That's right (fast) except for the pickup truck
colonel7.mp3    51kb 
Homer: (singing) Your wife don't understand you, but I do!
Lenny: Hee..Homer's singing to his ball again!
Carl: Yeah, and he's bowling a two eighty
Lenny: (starts singing to his ball)
colonel8.mp3    124kb 
Homer: Oh no, I went to this bar the other night and the..
Moe: Hey, wa.. wait a minute. You went to another bar?
Homer: Moe, I was 100 miles out of town!
Moe: Oh Homer...
colonel9.mp3    61kb 
Studio Owner: Ah, this studio has a lot of history, uh.. Buddy Holly stood on this spot in 1958 and said 'There is no way in hell that I'm going to record in this dump'
Homer: I'm sure Lurleen will love it!
Marge: Homer, how much did you just give that man!
Homer: Calm down Marge, it's just our life savings!
colonel10.mp3    97kb 
Homer: I got you a gig on TV
Lurleen: Oh Homer! You're as smart as you are handsome!
Homer: Hey!!.. oh, you meant that as a compliment.
colonel11.mp3    52kb 

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