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8F14: Homer Alone
SEASON THREE :: 7 Quotes
Homer/Bart/Lisa: (All three say different things at once.. Marge can't hear a word they are saying) 
Marge: One at a time! One at a time!....... 
Homer/Bart/Lisa: (They hear a few seconds of silence...then decide to start over again) 
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Radio: It's time for another Bill and Marty Classic Prank Call! 
Bill: Hello, is this Mr. Chester Sherman? 
Chester: Yes.. 
Bill: Sir your wife is dead! 
Chester: Oh...god, no! 
Bill: Thats right, she just walked through a plate glass window, there's blood everywhere! 
Chester: But...but I just talked to her (starts crying) 
Bill/Marty: (Laughs) 
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Bus Driver: Look lady, this better be good.... 
Marge: (Starts roaring like a tiger...the driver goes back in the bus) 
alone3.mp3    56kb
Homer: Let me through, let me through! I'm her husband! 
Eddie: Well, that explains a lot! 
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Selma: Bart, you'll be sleeping with your Aunt Patty 
Bart: In your bed? 
Patty: Uh huh, and I shall warn you, I'm told I snore. ahaha 
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Homer: Hi Barney, thanks for keeping me company! 
Barney: No problem...well, well, if it isn't little Bart! Remember me, your uncle Barney! Hey Homer let me hold him. 
Homer: Alright, but just be careful! 
Barney: Woooah! Someone smells stinky! Oh it's me! 
alone6.mp3    141kb
Selma: Come on kids! Time to rub Aunt Patty's feet! 
(Bart and Lisa shudder) 
alone7.mp3    44kb 

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