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8F13: Homer At The Bat
SEASON THREE :: 14 Quotes
Lenny: Hey Homer, slow down you're gonna choke or something
Homer: Don't tell me how to eat donut... (he starts choking)
Carl: Hey Homer's choking again!
Lenny: Hmm, isn't there a first aid chart around here somewhere
Carl: Somebody scare him!
Guy: That's for the hiccups!
Lenny: Hey, look at this! Softball signups
wonderbat1.mp3    145kb 

Homer: Come here boy, I wanna show you something
Bart: What's that? A home made bat?
Homer: It's something very special... A home made bat...
wonderbat2.mp3    51kb 

Marge: Homey, come to bed
Homer: (goes back to bed with a plainer) Homer, go back to the garage!
wonderbat3.mp3    58kb
Marge: And the next man wants to hit the ball too... and he does and everyone is happy
Bart:, why don't you let me call the game?
Marge: That's alright dear, I can do it.
wonderbat4.mp3    78kb
Carl: That's it?
Lenny: Yeah, I've got a magic bat too!
Carl: And I have an enchanting jockstrap, hehehe
wonderbat5.mp3    55kb
Homer: Let's see it again in super slow motion! (Homer plays his tape in slow motion, listen to the sound effects in this one)
wonderbat6.mp3    70kb
Homer: You're Darrel Strawberry?
Darrel: Yes
Homer: You play right field?
Darrel: Yes
Homer: I play right field too, so, are you better than me?
Darrel: Well, I've never met you, but... yes.
wonderbat7.mp3    67kb 
Hypnotist: You are all very good players
Team: We are all very good players
Hypnotist: You will beat Shelbyville!
Team: We will beat Shelbyville!
Hypnotist: You will give one hundred and ten percent
Team: That's impossible, no one can give more than one hundred percent, by definition that is the most anyone can give.
wonderbat8.mp3    145kb 
Homer: Please please, I wanna make the team! Clements, did I make the team?
Clements: You sure did!
Homer: I did? Woohoo! Woohoo! In your face Strawberry
Clements: Wait a minute, are you Ken Griffey Jr.?
Homer: No...
Clements: Sorry, didn't mean to give your hopes up
wonderbat9.mp3    86kb 
Ozzie Smith: How long does it take to see this thing? I'm kind of in a hurry
Mystery Spot Owner: Well it's hard to say my friend, once you go in, you may never come out
Ozzie Smith: Wow! One please!...... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
wonderbat10.mp3    113kb 
Homer: Oh no! I don't want you to see me sitting on my worthless butt!
Bart: We've seen it, dad!
wonderbat11.mp3    37kb 
Lisa: You stink Strawberry, we want home run Homer!
Bart: Darrel... Darrel   Bart/Lisa: Darrel... Darrel!
Marge: Kids, that's not very nice
Lisa: Mom, they're professional athletes, they're used to this kind of thing, it rolls right off their back!
wonderbat12.mp3    145kb
Burns/Homer: (Burns explains all the movements, but Homer doesn't understand a word he's saying, so he starts daydreaming, then, when asked if he 'got that' he says 'yes sir')
wonderbat13.mp3    200kb 
Song: The 'Talking Softball' song which was played through the closing credits
wonderbat14.mp3    517kb

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