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8F12: Lisa The Greek
SEASON THREE :: 10 Quotes
Marge: Well, do you ever take an interest in anything he does? 
Lisa: Well, we used to have Burping Contests but I outgrew it 
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Lisa: Wouldn't it be fun if we watched the game together? 
Homer: Eeeeeh.....okay, just don't say anything and sit down over there...... Over.... over.... over.....over.... 
Lisa: *sigh* 
Homer: Lisa! Please I can't hear the announcers! 
Lisa: He said 'Denver just fumbled' 
Homer: D'oh! 
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TV - Coach: You want some of this don't you?
Homer: Yeah!
TV - Coach: Well, you need to know the winner, and I know the winner! So call me now.. whoah. (fast) Five dollars for the first minute, two dollars for each additional minute! (homer calls)
Phone Message: You.... have reached... the... coaches... hot...
Homer: Line...
Phone Message: Line...
Homer: Yeah, lay it on me, coach!
Phone Message: In the game of....
Homer: Mmmhmm
Phone Message: Versus Cin..
Homer: Cincinnati...
Phone Message: Cin...
Homer: Cincinnati...
Phone Message: nat..
Homer: Cincinnati...
Phone Message: ti...
Homer: Come on, come on, don't you realize this is costing me money!!
Phone Message: We must consider... many... things.... The wind...
Homer: D'oh, not the wind!
Phone Message: Is blowing out of the.... West
Homer: Oow...
Phone Message: At five...
Homer: Miles per hour!!!
Phone Message: miles...
Homer: D'oh, this is ridiculous!
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Homer: Oh, well, you like ice cream don't you?
Lisa: Uh-huh
Homer: Don't you like ice cream better when it's covered in hot fudge?... and mounds of whipped cream?... choc nuts, and those crumpled up cookie things they put on top!....Mmm... crumpled up cookie things.
greek4.mp3    117kb
Lisa: Uh, mom, could you loosen my blanket a little? Dad tucked me in too tight and It's cutting off the circulation in my arms and legs.
greek5.mp3    50kb
Waiter: Hello, I'm Marco, and I'll be your waiter
Homer: Hello, I'm Homer and I'll be your customer!
Waiter: Hmm..haven't heard that one before
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Burns: Well Smithers I guess there is nothing left but to kiss my sorry butt goodbye 
Smithers: May I sir? 
greek7.mp3    50kb 
Homer: Boy, I know you're gonna like your present
Barts Present: Shuddup, shuddup, kiss my butt, shuddup, go to hell, go to hell!
Bart: Dad, I promise I'll never get tired of this.
greek8.mp3    67kb 
Moe: I'm sorry Homer, you can't take any more of my money, I'm out of the bookie business.
Barney: But Moe, you've been taking bets all..
Moe: Hey Barney, how bout a free beer!
Barney: Wow!
Homer: Don't worry, Moe, I'm not betting.
Moe: What!? Gimmie that...
Barney: Ooow!
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Lovejoy: Well, I'm glad some people could resist the lure of the big game
Guy: Oh my god, I forgot the game!
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