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8F11: Radio Bart
SEASON THREE :: 12 Quotes
Lisa: Dad, can I have some money to buy Bart a birthday present? 
Homer: Mo-ney 
Lisa: Dad! This is 110 dollars! 
Homer: Oh, sorry 
radio1.mp3    60kb 

Advert: [Superstar Celebrity Microphone advert, along with Homer at the end asking if they have any left and he goes 'yeah, a couple'.]
radio2.mp3    290kb 

Bart: I'm here for my free birthday sundae!
Guy: Eat it and get out!
radio3.mp3    38kb
Wal-E-Weasel: Hey there, I hear it's your birthday, how old are you?
Bart: Well, I'm...
Wal-E-Weasel: Thats great! Would you like us to sing you a special song?
Bart: Hell no!
Wal-E-Weasel: You've got it, ready Senior P. Varotti?
P-Varotti: I'm-a- ready! And a one, and a two!
Song: You're the birthday, you're the birthday, you're the birthday boy or girl!
radio4.mp3    184kb
Homer: Oh, there's only one can of beer left and it's Barts!
radio5.mp3    22kb
Homer: Mmmm...chocolate!...D'oh! Mmmm...chocolate!...D'oh! Marge! We need some more Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream!
radio6.mp3    109kb
Bart: Rod, Todd, this is God!
Rod: How did you get on the radio?
Bart: What do you mean how did I get on the radio, I created the universe, stupid kid
Todd: Forgive my brother, we believe you!
Bart: Walk through the wall, I will remove it for you! (bumps) later.. hahaha!
radio7.mp3    154kb 
Willy: Outta my way! Look out ya horses ass!
radio8.mp3    33kb 
Homer: Yeah, that Timmy is a real hero..
Lisa: How do you mean, dad?
Homer: Well he fell down a well and....he can't get out.
radio9.mp3    50kb 
Song: 'We're sending our love down the well'
radio10.mp3    219kb 
Bart: Look, I'll level with you, there is no Timmy 'O Toole, it was just a prank I was playing on everybody
Lou: Well you sure fooled us, kid
Eddie: Hey i've got an idea for a prank. Lets go home and go to sleep.. hehehe
radio11.mp3    112kb 
Homer: It's not our fault, we didn't want the boy, he was an accident!
Marge: Homer!!!
Homer: Um, could you edit that last part out?
Kent: Mr. Simpson, we're live coast to coast!
Homer: ...D'oh!
radio12.mp3    71kb

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