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8F10: I Married Marge
SEASON THREE :: 5 Quotes
Marge: Well, I guess I better go see Dr. Hibbert
Homer: Oh honey, do you really think you're pregnant?
Marge: Well, I've had the same nausea and craving for pancake mix I did with the other kids
Homer: Yeah, and I have the same tightness in my chest and the sweating I always get
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Homer: Yeah, sure, for you a baby's all fun and games, for me it's diaper changes and midnight feeding!
Lisa: Shouldn't mom do all that stuff?
Homer: Yeah, but I have to hear about it.
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Bart: Were you like this when mom was pregnant with me?
Homer: Actually Bart, I threw up more than your mother
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Marge: It's Homer!
Patty: I don't know what you see in that ugly meatball!
Selma: Uh huh, If you like being pawed by something fat and lazy, we could get a cat
Jaqueline: It would leave less hair on the couch!
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Homer: Wow! What an ending. Who would have thought Darth Vader was Luke Skywalkers father!
Guy: Oh thankyou Mr. blow the picture for me!
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