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8F09: Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk
SEASON THREE :: 9 Quotes
Smithers: What's wrong sir, did I get some in your eye? The Shampoo specifically said No more tears!
Burns: Ah, lovely promise but, one beyond the powers of a mere shampoo...
Smithers: Sir, I fear there is something you're not telling me. Perhaps you would feel more happy talking to Snappy the Alligator?
Burns: Maybe
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Homer: What should I do?
Guy: Well let me put it this way, you get twenty five dollars if you sell now!
Homer: Sell sell sell!!! Woohooo! Twenty five dollars!
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Burns: These two gentlemen are american as apple pie! Hans and Fritz, why thats just... John and Frank!
Quimby: Ich bin ein Springfielder
Carl: Oh this aint good!
Homer: We'll all lose our jobs!
Marge: Look at all those worried faces, except for Lenny, he looks great!
Lenny: (with Mouth surgery) This is the worst day of my life! german3.mp3    142kb
Lenny: Lousy Germans can't fire me, I'm the only one who knows how to unjam the rock bottom associator!
Carl: They can't fire me, I'm the only one certified to run the (some complicated words I don't understand)
Homer: Well, they can't fire me!
Lenny/Carl: Why?
Homer: Cuz...........................
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Horst: We plan to have some frank discussions with your safety inspector!
Homer: Yeah! Sock it to him, Horst!
Lenny: Psst, Homer. Aren't you the safety inspector?
Homer: ....D'oh!
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Burns: I wanted to give you something to remember me by, I know you've always had your eye on this photo of Elvis and me!
Smithers: He was so good to mother, sir!
Burns: Yes, but I couldn't understand a word that man said!
Burns Impersonating Elvis: Mistah Burrs, duhs a boom hang gasson for hound dawg!
Smithers: Stop it, you're killing me sir!
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Homer: Marge, its not the money, my job is my identity. If I'm not a safety whats-a-ma-jigger, I'm nothing!
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Horst: Zen, you must have some good ideas for ze future as vell?
Homer: I sure do (7 seconds of blank)
Horst: Such az?
Homer: Well uuh... I wish the candy machine wasn't so picky about taking feed up dollar bills
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Homer: (in the land of chocolate) Wow! Chocolate, half price!... (his dream finishes) la la lalala la...
Horst: Mr. Simpson.....Mr. Simpson
Homer: Huh? oh, sorry, we were talking about chocolate?
Fritz: Zat vas ten minutes ago!
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