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8F07: Saturdays Of Thunder
SEASON THREE :: 9 Quotes
Homer: Patty! Selma! What a pleasant surprise! 
Patty: Whaddya know, he's wearing pants! 
Selma: I owe you a lunch! 
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Marge: Question 1: Name one of your childs friends
Homer: Lets see uh, Barts friends, well there's the fat kid with the thing, uh, the little wiener who's always got his hands in his pockets!
Marge: They want a name, Homer, not a vague description!
Homer: Okay....Hank?
Marge: Hank? Hank who?
Homer: Hank....Jones!
Marge: Homer, you made that up
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Marge: Question 2, who is your sons hero?
Homer: Steve McQueen
Marge: That's your hero! Name another dad you talk to about parenting...
Homer: Next
Marge: What are your sons hobbies?
Homer: Well he's always chewing on the phone cord.
Marge: He hasn't done that since he was two!
Homer: Then he has no hobbies!
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Homer: Oh my god, I don't know jack about my boy! I'm a bad father!
Selma: You're also fat!
Homer: I'm also fat!
soapbox4.mp3    96kb
Homer: Goodbye son!
Milhouse: Hey, Bart, I think they're finally hauling your dad away!
Bart: Maybe it's for the best
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Guy: Step one is to find an activity the two of you can share! Does the boy have any interests?
Homer: What boy?
Guy: Your son! Find something he likes to do, and share in it!
Homer: Well, he is building a soapbox derby racer!
Guy: Ah, that would be perfect!
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Homer: (reading) No matter what you tell your child to do, you will always do the opposite, huh?
Homers Brain: Don't you get it, you've gotta use reverse psychology!
Homer: Oh, that sounds too complicated!
Homers Brain: Okay, don't use reverse psychology!
Homer: Alright I will!
soapbox7.mp3    121kb 
Nelson: Hey, Simpson, where's your loser-mobile!
Homer: Loser mobile...hehehe.... wait a minute!
Bart: Uuh, its over there Nelson
Nelson: Woah, talk about your pieces of crap!
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Barney: (To Patty). My friend and I have a bet... are you Mary Tyler Moore? (She sprays him in the eyes). Aaaaah! Wow! It really is you!
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