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8F03: Bart The Murderer
SEASON THREE :: 8 Quotes
Homer: Hey, look what I got, a genuine official Police Badge!
Bart: Hey, thats my badge, Homer!
Homer: Thats Officer Homer, hee hee
murder1.mp3    77kb

Bart: Lousy prize grabbin, Badge winnin'...aaah! (to SLH) You ate my Homework???............   I didn't know dogs really did that!
murder2.mp3    72kb 

Joey: Wait a minute you little punk! Eat My Shorts is in the fifth race, I said the third race!
Bart: Don't have a cow...
Joey: Hmm, Don't have a cow in the third, put a deuce on him
(they turn up the radio, and don't have a cow wins... this one was edited by me, there was a load of un-needed dialogue in between the 'put a deuce on him' and the race...)
murder3.mp3    146kb
Homer: Bart!? Have you started smoking?
Bart: No!
Homer: Don't lie to me boy.. uh huh, cigarettes, just as I thought
Bart: But they're not mine, my boss said his warehouse was full!
Homer: Yeah right, son, I'm going to teach you a lesson! I'm going to stand here and watch you smoke every one of those cigarettes!
murder4.mp3    124kb
Jack Larson: Folks, I'm pleased to announce a new truckload of Laramies with their smooth good taste and rich tobacco flavor is already heading towards Springfield and the driver has been instructed to ignore all stop signs and crosswalks.
murder5.mp3    96kb
Bart: More stink lines boys...
Skinner: What's this? What are you boys doing?
Bart: <yawn> You didn't see nothing, now beat it!
murder6.mp3    89kb
Lady: Some large men to see you, sir.
Skinner: Uh, I don't have an appointment with any large men...
Fat Tony: Are you Skinner?
Skinner: I'm Principal Skinner, yes! And how may I ask did you get past the hall monitors?
murder7.mp3    85kb 
Lionel Hutz: Mr Simpson, you've been the boys father for ten years, do you really think he could be the leader of a murderous criminal syndicate?
Homer: Well not the leader, I mean...... Oh it's true it's true, all the pieces fit!
murder8.mp3    104kb 

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