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8F01: Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington
SEASON THREE :: 9 Quotes
Homer: They take hundreds of magazines, filter out the crap, and leave you with something that fits right in your front pocket! (Homer struggles to fit it in his pocket) 
washington1.mp3    80kb 

Homer: Then I heard the sound that all Arctic explorers dread, the pitiless bark of the sea lion! <gasp> He'll be killed! 
Marge: Homer, he obviously got out alive if he wrote the article... 
Homer: Don't be so..... (turns the page). Oh you're right 
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Lady: Are you a professional writer? 
Homer: mm, mm... (in a 'no' kinda way) 
Lady: Are you interested in politics and government? 
Homer: mmmm.. (in a 'i dunno' kinda way) 
Lady: Are you interested in anything? 
Homer: mmmm.. (same as above) 
Lady: Could you touch your nose for me 
Homer: (Homer twists and bends but doesnt touch his nose) 
washington3.mp3    149kb
Bart: Well, okay. Which one do you want? 
Lisa: I...want.... that one 
Bart: Really? You want that one?'s all yours, whatever you say 
Lisa: Why, whats wrong with it? 
Bart: Nothing! Have a good night sleep Lisa 
Lisa: No, really, what?! 
Bart: Nothing! 
Lisa: What did you do to it? 
Bart: Nothing! 
washington4.mp3    128kb
Homer: (the phone rings) What the..... D'oh, stupid welcoming mint!... (picks up phone) Yallow! 
Bart: Good morning, this is your wake up call! 
Homer: Wake up call? It's 2am! 
Bart: Sorry fatso! 
washington5.mp3    111kb
Homer: Oh I love your magazine, my favorite section is 'How To Increase Your Word Power'. That thing is really, really, really... good 
washington6.mp3    62kb
Lady: These are your special VIP badges, they get you into places other tourists can't see! 
Homer: Miss, what does the 'I' stand for? 
Lady: Important 
Homer: Ooooh, how bout the V? 
Lady: Very 
Homer: Oooh, and miss, one more question.. 
Lady: Person 
Homer: Aaah. What does the I stand for again? 
washington7.mp3    124kb
Homer: Give her the cheque!!! (the crowd laughs) Oh, I was serious 
washington8.mp3    34kb 
Guy: (Sings a song about Lisa, Bart can't stand it so he hits him with his slingshot) 
washington9.mp3    104kb

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