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7F24: Stark Raving Dad
SEASON THREE :: 10 Quotes
Dr. Marvin Monroe: 20 simple questions that will determine just how crazy your.... mashoogana... somewhat is... 
Homer: Friends names? Oohhh! 
jackson1.mp3    63kb 

Homer: Honey, could you do me a favour and fill out this form?
Marge: Homer this is an intimate phsychological profile, I can't fill this out for you!
Homer: Alright Alright.... I'll get Lisa to do it!
jackson2.mp3    68kb 

Homer: Lisa you like Homework, could you fill out this form for me?
Lisa: Well, alright... If you listen to the poem I just wrote
Homer: D'oh! Okay
Lisa: I had a cat named snowball, she died, she died, mom said she was sleeping, she lied, she lied! Why oh why is my cat dead, couldn't that chrysler hit me instead?... I had a hampster named Snuffy, he die...
Homer: No deal!
jackson3.mp3    181kb
Announcer: Our Fifty thousand dollar home video finalists are: Man breaking hip! (sound effect: A man screaming), Dog on fire, woof, anybody order a hot dog? (Homer laughs), and finally, Baby with a nailgun! Okay, its time to cast your votes now!
Homer: Dog on fire, dog on fire!!
Bart: Hey dad, do you hear voices?
Homer: Yes, I am hearing one right now when I'm trying to watch tv!
Bart: Yes. Are you equipped to anger?
Homer: BART!? Shut up or I'll shut you up!!!
Bart: Yes. Do you wet your pants? Well even the best of us has an occasional accident
jackson4.mp3    262kb
Homer: So did I pass?
Burns: Hehehehe.... no!
Smithers: Careful men, he wets his pants!
jackson5.mp3    52kb
Michael Jackson (Leon): I can't beleive you never heard of me, I'm a very popular entertainer!
Homer: Oh of course I've heard of you, you'd have to be living under a rock not to know... what did you say your name was?
jackson6.mp3    67kb
Michael Jackson (Leon): You seem like a nice guy, why did they put you in here?
Homer: Cuz I wore a pink shirt
Michael Jackson (Leon): I understand. People thought I was crazy for the way I dressed
Homer: What did you wear?
Michael Jackson (Leon): One white glove, covered with Rime stones
Homer: (rubs finger up and down his lips making a 'bibbity bobbity sound)
jackson7.mp3    91kb 
Homer: (talking in sleep) Cakes, football, boobies
Michael Jackson (Leon): Bubbles, it's gonna be a long night
jackson8.mp3    51kb 
Bart: Lisa, her teeth are big and green, Lisa, she smells like Gasoline, Lisa, da-da-da disa, she is my sister, her birthday, I missed-ah
Michael Jackson (Leon): Uh, no
jackson9.mp3    97kb 
Michael Jackson (Leon): The training wheels, come off your bike, you start to notice boys you like, a-hee hee hee
jackson10.mp3    47kb 

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