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7F22: Blood Feud
SEASON TWO :: 10 Quotes
Homer: The jokes on them, if the core explodes there wont be any power to light that sign! Ahahaha!
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Carl: I'd give him my blood, except for one thing
Lenny: Whats that?
Carl: I don't wanna
Homer: I can't believe you guys, there's a human being out there, with millions of dollars who needs our help, and you don't wanna cash in? Thats why you losers are stuck in this crumby dead-end job!
Carl: You know Homer I am your supervisor...
Homer: Sorry sir
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Burns: Top of the morning to ye... Why look who's here it's... good ole'........ you!
Worker: Hi, Mr. Burns
Burns: Hey there Mr....d'uh....Brown Shoes! How bout that local sports team eh?
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Homer: Okay, there's no cheque, just a card, but don't panic, I'm sure it tells us what we're getting and where we can pick it up.... Dear Bart, thankyou kindly for the blood, Yours Truly, Montgomery Burns........ D'OH! It's just a card!
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Homer: This is some way to show your gratitude, no Gold, no Diamonds, no Rubies, not even a lousy card! Wait a minute, there was a card.... Thats what got me so mad in the first place!
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Homer: Dear Mr. Burns. I'm so glad you enjoyed my sons blood, and your card was just great! In case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic! YOU STINK!... could you read that last part back to me?
Bart: You Stink!
Homer: Hehehe, good. You are a senile, buck tooth, old mummy, with boney girl arms, and you smell like...
Bart: An Elephants butt?
Homer: hehe.. an Elephants butt!
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Homer: Where did you see it last?
Bart: The last place I saw it, was in my hand, as I was shoving it into the mailbox!
Homer: D'OOOH!
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Homer: So a few people wont get a few letters, boo hoo! You know the kind of letters people write. Dear somebody you never heard of, How was so and so, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, Yours Truly, some Bozo, big loss!
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Homer: Hello, my name is Mr. Burns, I believe you have a letter for me!
Post Office Guy: Okay Mr. Burns, whats your first name?
Homer: I...don't know!
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Homer: Okay, heres the plan! You can move in with your sisters, and raise the kids, and I'll.....die in a gutter!
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